8LU Keynote: Chris Wilson - ReasonML and ReasonReact: "X" Marks the Spot

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Join us Friday, July 27th for a keynote presentation by 8th Light's own Chris Wilson!

Lunch will be provided by 8th Light (https://8thlight.com/).


ReasonML and ReasonReact: "X" Marks the Spot


ReasonML is a new/old programming language developed by Facebook and the creators of ReactJS. ReasonReact is a library for React implemented in (and redesigned) for ReasonML.

ReasonML the language is really a new syntax for the venerable OCaml programming language -- much the same relationship as TypeScript to standard JavaScript. This syntax is transpiled into regular OCaml and then is itself compiled by the existing OCaml tooling. This allows Reason to be compiled to bytecode or native. Reason gains JavaScript output via a sister project called BuckleScript. BuckleScript creates very efficient and readable JS output.

This talk covers the ReasonML language and tooling and makes the case for why ReasonReact may be its killer app. More broadly, the talk argues that languages with feature sets similar to OCaml, Elm, SML, and F# are a strong fit for the kind of general-purpose application development that most programmers do.


Chris Wilson is a software developer with, depending on how you measure it, 20 years of experience (1990s Angelfire website, FTW!). He's worked in research science, healthcare software, and now consulting.

Chris is fond of typed functional programming, and recently, embedded software development.

We will be live streaming the event via Zoom (https://zoom.us/j/3541015445) and a link to the recording will be made available after the event.

If you have trouble finding the office, please call Nicole (804)[masked]