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AXA Tower

8 Shenton Way · Singapore

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Mezzanine Level in AXA Tower, Level 1, Visitor Centre

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In order to get through the venue's building security, please fill up the following pre-registration form:
Once you arrive, an Alibaba/Lazada employee will check you in near the reception.

Organizer: Alibaba Security, LAZADA
Partner: MWR

17:30-18:00 Sign in
18:00-18:30 Ice breaking game & Dinner& networking
18:30-19:40 Hacking game
19:40-19:50 Bug Bounty Announcement
19:50-20:00 Award ceremony for hacking game
20:00-20:30 Disassembling WebAssembly
20:30-21:00 The Art of Persistence: Lurking Behind the Browser

About speaker-Yi Han
Yi Han is a Security Engineer in Lazada. He started his career in Cyber Security as a Malware Analyst in 2016 and he likes to take part in CTF for learning and exposure.

About Speech
WebAssembly is a low-level, assembly-like language that runs on web platform.
It is faster and more efficient as compared to Javascript.
However, recently there is an increased in using WebAssembly for malicious purpose, especially for crypto mining.

In this talk, I would like to use a sample from a previous CTF-style challenge touch on reversing a WebAssembly sample.

After this talk, I hope the audience will understand a little more about WebAssembly(technically) and disassembling WebAssemly.

About speaker-Samuel Pua
Samuel Pua is a Security Consultant at MWR InfoSecurity, with a background in development. Samuel's ability to understand and decompose technical hurdles, and then rapidly prototype initial implementations of solutions, has made him invaluable to the fast-paced of the world of adversarial simulations.

About Speech
Enterprise environments have never been more closely monitored, forcing adversaries – real and simulated alike - to focus on novel approaches to evade detection. Blue team capabilities are ever- improving and increasingly focused on expunging adversaries from their networks before they realise their objective, moving attention up the kill-chain.

This talk will explore one of the persistence mechanisms we have developed while breaking into enterprise environments in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Internet Explorer, ubiquitous with its presence in enterprise environments, poses interesting opportunities for adversaries in the form of reliable, quiet, and adaptive persistence mechanism. In this talk, you'll learn how we use Browser Helper Object, a native Internet Explorer functionality, to maintain access to an environment. To realise this, various inbuilt-protection mechanisms were studied and evaded, resulting in our development of new techniques to fully-weaponise this approach.

By the end of the talk, red teamers will be able to leverage the easily-available browser in a corporate environment as a method of establishing persistence. Blue teams and Incident Response team members are not left behind, with the talk covering actionable detection strategies for the discussed mechanism, and the residual artefacts left behind.

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