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Inclusive Design for User Interfaces | Let's talk Talkback

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Join us for two interesting discussions of accessibility and information technology.

Inclusive Design for User Interfaces
There are a lot of resources available when it comes to coding in a way that makes technology accessible. But what about the visual aspects of an interface? There's great potential in making your project more inclusive and welcoming by following optimization guidelines for disabilities including color blindness, dyslexia, and vision impairment. These kinds of enhancements don't only result in a wider audience being able to access the content in your product, but also make a higher quality experience that will attract typical users too. These concepts were developed through research for a project called Mobility Map, a way-finding solution for mobility impaired individuals to navigate pedestrian settings more efficiently.

Speaker Bio:
Shauna Keating is a designer residing in the Hudson Valley. She works as a Digital Artist at Evolving Media Network (, a creative development studio in Kingston, NY specializing in creating innovative digital products. Shauna recently graduated from SUNY New Paltz, where she earned her BFA in Graphic Design. Her interest in UI/UX design comes from a desire to enhance user experience for the increasingly diverse audience of users interacting with technology.

Let's talk Talkback
Mobile applications have come a long way in terms of complexity and richness when it comes to perfecting the experience to a natural and beautiful harmony that make today's mobile applications look like a work of art when compared to the ones just a decade ago. On the other hand despite the also incremental advancements in accessibility in this space, there's still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to not both raising the standard for what accessibility support should be in each app, but also to think beyond the functional and putting a little effort in making the experience appear magical for those who perceive the world differently. Pedro will talk about some of the things he learned while working closely with Roger's ever growing blind community on Roger, the things they experimented with and ones which succeeded. The learnings from this talk can be applied to almost any application despite function, given it's owner decides to support accessibility beyond the basic labeling of content.

Speaker Bio:
Pedro is currently working as a mobile developer at Roger (, a voice communication platform. He has an curious mind that led him to work on various technical challenges since a young age, developing phone firmware, games, printing software and a myriad of applications mostly on the mobile landscape. Besides his main job, he also has a strong sense of social duty and personal growth, which are reflected in is likelihood to immerse himself deeply into the challenges he comes across and the pursuit of creative and ingenuous solutions. He has worked for clients such as Pepsi, book magazines, radio stations, travel agencies, a tech company in the golf industry amongst others, and collaborated and contributed to several open-source initiatives throughout the years.
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