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Our group exists to advance accessibility and inclusive design. Our goal is to bring together NYC's accessibility community to share ideas, best practices, and our experiences. If you're interested in accessibility and inclusive design then we want you in this group. We meet monthly, our previous presentations are all archived on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter @A11YNYC.

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• Equal Entry, accessibility consultancy
Fable, an accessibility platform powered by people with disabilities.
Google, an American IT company

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Breaking Into the Digital Accessibility Profession

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Trying to begin a career in digital accessibility can be intimidating as people new to the profession struggle to find paths toward becoming experts in their field. They may want to be an accessibility engineer, an accessibility consultant, an accessibility tester, a disability inclusion advocate, an accessibility designer, or maybe they just want to be a well-rounded technologist who is aware that accessibility should be a part of their everyday considerations and workflow practices.

The question remains, however, “How do I become (fill in the blank)?”

This talk will discuss approaches and strategies that will support people interested in various accessibility specializations. We will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the "why" of digital accessibility.
  • How to expand your digital accessibility network.
  • Academia and technical certifications.
  • Being an accessibility champion.
  • Internships and apprenticeships.
  • General topics for accessibility professional awareness.

Attendees of this talk will walk away with the following:

  • A ton of resources to be able to take the next steps in their accessibility career.
  • An understanding of paths toward getting started in digital accessibility.
  • An awareness for technologists in the field of how to develop a digital accessibility mindset and skillset in their day-to-day work.
  • Better exposure to ways to develop an awareness and presence within the digital accessibility and disability communities online.

And there will be time for your questions.

Presenter Bio

Louise Clark transitioned to a career in technology after spending a decade teaching Latin American history at universities in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. In her current role at US Bank, Louise is a UX Digital Consultant who assists design teams with techniques and strategies to create in a manner that is inclusive and centers around the needs of people with disabilities.

Louise also serves as a co-founder of Queen City Bytes, a grassroots organization, which works in partnership with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, to provide technical training to underserved populations.

The presentation will have Captions [CC].

Provided by Internet Society Accessibility SIG.

Link: [coming soon]

All A11yNYC meetups are pre-approved for IAAP Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAEC).

Thanks to Equal Entry, Fable, and Google for sponsoring.

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