Data Visualization: Tips for Making Complex Graphical Content Accessible to All


Data visualization doesn't have to be visual! Don't assume that a chart
or diagram can't be made accessible. In this talk, you'll learn how the
brain processes data visualizations, how we can leverage this to work
with other senses, and tips and best practices for making complex
graphical content available to all. We'll also offer a direct comparison
on different tools and software that make it easy to 'accessibilify' your
Presenter Bio:

Doug Schepers is the founder of Fizz Studio, a startup specializing in making accessible data visualizations. Previously, Doug defined Web
technologies and standards at W3C for a decade, where he launched or
worked on fundamental projects such as SVG (and the Accessible SVG Task Force), WebApps, Web Audio API, Touch Events and Pointer Events, Web Annotations, and many other technologies, as well as starting the W3C developer relations program. Working with the accessibility community at W3C inspired Doug to found Fizz Studio, based in Chapel Hill, NC.