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Pre National Day Combine Group Celebration!
Want to know more friends before national day? We are having a combine group events to celebrate national day in advance together! Lead by Chris of JCO, organisers of 16 meetup grps are coming together to bring the meetup community together as a family. Unity is strenght and diversity can be inspiring, come, we celebrate this national day as one, big meetup family. Its going to be a fun filled event where members from 16 meetup groups are coming together to mingle and fun … and MORE FUN… as a one BIG GROUP! We will be starting off with a short walk to the barrage, followed by some games and chill out over food together. As its a combine group event, we are expecting a large crowd and thus will be great if you guys can RSVP early so we can have an estimate of the crowd. At the same time, as it is a big crowd, we would like that everyone (except the organisers) wear either a RED or WHITE TOP for the event to join us. If you are not wearing that colour, there is no way other participants will know that you are part of the group and we will likely be excluding you from our activity. The organisers and helpers will be wearing blue colour top to make it easier for everyone to identify us. Just to be clear to everyone that the guidelines is to make it easier for the running of the event and appreciate everyone cooperation in advance to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Participants - Wear Red or White Top Organisers and helpers - Wear Blue Top Time 4:30 PM - Meet at Overhead bridge near Art Science Museum & walk to Marina Barrage. There will be ice breaking games, then our walk will set-off and half-way. We Dabao at Satay by the Bay and last Picnic in Marina Barrage. Time 👉 7 PM - Event Ends. NOTE : Those who wish to go earlier to secure a good spot please feel free to do so. Just inform the rest! The organisers involve in the planning are Chris – Overall IC Bong and Sandra – Program IC Haresh n Bill – Venue IC The groups that are attending are All About Fitness Christian singles social Eat Sleep Travel Play I Love Korea & Singapore Just Chill Out KTV Fun Club Lets Chillax MatchMeUp Marina Bay 3.5km Walking Meetup Movie Club Passion KTV Passion Music Network Singapore Cantonese Singapore Christian singles fellowship meetup Sunday Lunch Theatre Junkies

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Welcome to All About Fitness!

As the saying goes, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

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All About Fitness is not confined to physical fitness activities. Educational talks and seminars are also welcomed.

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We strongly encourage members to interact with each other during our events. May you forge new friendship within this group.

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Note: As we are not first aiders nor medically trained, we urge participants who are physically challenged to bring along your assistance.

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