Object Oriented Programming - Back to Basics

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*NOTICE* ---> This event is the 1st Wednesday and has moved to
Nvidia to accommodate the increase in attendance.

Object-Oriented Programming was state-of-the-art C++ programming for decades and industry best practices developed to produce high-quality code and avoid practices that lead to buggy, hard-to-maintain code. With billions of lines of OOP code in C++ currently in production, someone should be talking about OOP best practices, because old-school doesn’t mean easy. But OOP just isn’t trendy anymore.

In this session, instead of lecturing you that you shouldn’t be using OOP, I’m going to share the industry best practices developed during the last four decades and updated to latest language features.

About the Speaker:

Jon Kalb has been programming in C++ for almost three decades and does onsite training for teams that want to up their C++ game.
Jon chairs C++Now, CppCon, the C++ Track of the Silicon Valley Code Camp, and the Boost Steering Committee. He also serves on the board of directors for the C++ Alliance.

Jon is a frequent speaker at local user groups and conferences, including C++ Russia, where he gave the keynote address in 2018 and C++Now where his talk on Exception-Safe Coding won Best Tutorial.