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Groups near Santa Clara, CA

Bay Area Social 40+

Santa Clara, CA

Bay Area Social (BAS) 40+ is a group for active people looking to expand their circle of friends.

We want to be your launching pad to all the special sights, attractions and events that are unique to this area while making new friends and strengthening ongoing relationships. We understand that sometimes meeting new people can be nerve-wracking but will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and be a part of BAS 40+. This group is not about numbers or how many people are in it; it's rather having fun doing activities we enjoy together now more than ever! 

                     G R O U P - R U L E S  - A N D  - E X P E C T E D - B EH A V I O R S  

YOUR PROFILE : In order to join the Bay Area Social (BAS 40+) group we require that you have a recognizable photo of yourself as your profile picture. It makes it easier to recognize you when you attend our events.  (A recognizable photo of yourself means: Your face is clearly shown, no group shots, no pets. Failure to maintain your photo will lead to your removal.)

AGE RANGE: Bay Area Social 40+ (BAS 40+) is made up of members whose age ranges from their 30s to late 60s.


Our events occasionally will have limited space. Unfortunately this means that not everyone can attend. If you sign up for an event and find that you can no longer go, please update your RSVP. This helps out your fellow members by letting them move up off the waitlist.

Please note: If you attend an event without signing up, it's considered "crashing" and will get you removed from the group.

Finally, Our organizers put a lot of their time and effort to host these events, show them the courtesy of showing up if you have signed up. Members that have a repeating pattern of being a "no show” will be removed from the group.

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45+ South Bay Active & Social Singles

San Jose, CA




The 45+ South Bay Social Singles (45+SBSS) is all about making friends with other singles, getting to know them and becoming familiar with each other in a safe and fun environment.

Since its foundation, the 45+ has created long lasting relationships of many kinds. Although this is not a match-making program, we celebrate the romantic connections that have taken place in the past and are sure to continue in the future. Members that fall under this category are encouraged to remain in the group, even after they get marry.

We pride ourselves in considering this group part of our extended family and once a member of our family, you will ALWAYS be a member of our family… Unless you do something really "nutty" in which case we will have to let you go.

We monitor our membership and accept new members only after we feel comfortable that the previously accepted members have accommodated to us, attended events, etc…

Every few months, we remove members who have not participated in any events for more than 4 months, are constantly changing their RSVP at the last minute or have more than 3 "no shows." Then we start accepting new members again.

Please, it is very important that you read the section named "Pages" so that you become familiar with our rules and regulations to decide whether or not we are a fit for you before requesting for membership.

We do a variety of events: hikes, live theater, happy hours, karaoke, museums, music in the park, dancing… We are always looking for new ways to improve to create a more diverse calendar, to listen to members' suggestions and to do a lot of research to find fun activities to perform.

If you get accepted into our group, give us a try by attending several of our events. You will not regret it.

Hope to meet you soon!

Lida :)

"Amendment" to our policies: <br>

There is a strong group made of few members that have been loyal to our events, attending many of them and/or helping us organizing them as volunteers. These members have also shown a great deal of responsibility by showing up to those events they signed up for or have changed their RSVP few times and with enough time to allow others from the wait list to sign up. They are committed to make this group a nice place to come to.

We reward these fabulous people by having preference to events when their names are in the waiting list. The organizers of the events can decide which member can be moved up the list to attend events.

Thank you and hope to meet you in future events :)


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Bay Area Hiking, Walking, Wellness Meetup

Palo Alto, CA

Welcome wellness, hiking, walking, and outdoors workout lovers far and wide!

​Our group is for people who practice a healthy lifestyle and have a positive mindset. We are all about wellness, health and good energy. If you exercise regularly, enjoy outdoor workouts, and are able to hike/walk 5-8 miles without any health issues (please consult with your personal physician), then come join us.

Our meetup events have a very positive impact on people's lives, people meet, fall in love💘 meet new friends, better health, less stress, anxiety, depression, isolate being alone and got extra bonus for LOVE ​💞 

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently following CDC guidelines and protocol.

And most importantly, if you are actively coughing, sneezing or feel sick, please wait until you are better to join us. We want all of you to feel safe and be well.

We are so lucky to live in the south bay area, where shaded tall tree forests, mountain trails with amazing views and beautiful sunset beach walks, are all nearby. We would love to hear your suggestions for new beautiful areas to explore together.

How Hiking Is Good for Body and Mind:

In general, we host events mostly in the late morning, afternoon and evenings, so you can get your beauty sleep and get your work done early, giving you options to fit your personal schedule.

We’ll find most hiking and walking places under big tall trees or shaded, open space, amazing reviews in country parks without getting sunburns or too much sun exposure, at beaches with fresh ocean air or fresh ocean breeze, and beautiful sunsets.

If you would like to reunite with old friends or meet new people, while exercising outdoors, come join us. We look forward to meeting you, walking, hiking with you and making good memories together! 

*Note: To support/keep our group alive and active, You can help! Dr.Heidi kindly asks for a voluntary donation. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, accept cash in person or Venmo any time: Your contribution will help us cover our costs and make our Meetups going even better.

​People come to meetup events for free and they don't know that I have to pay meetup and other fees as an organizer to host events and spend a lot of time researching places and making sure that events run smoothly with no issues.

When you attend our group events, Implied consent is assumed that you're okay with being photographed without explicit written or oral permission. In case you don't want to be photographed, please feel free to let people know about.

❤️Professional service available: American Heart Association (AHA) BLS-CPR, Heartsaver CPR, First Aid courses Book appointment online: ​ You will get 2 Certificates from AHA good for 2 years after you finish the course

☯️ Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Pain, Infertility, Anti-Aging, Beauty, Stress and Emotional Balance. Available Book appointment online:​

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South Bay Lovelies Brunch Bunch

San Jose, CA

We're lovelies from the South Bay Area, primarily late 20s - mid 40s, but lovelies from all over the Bay Area are welcome! We're here for brunching, lunching, winery tours, cocktail making, spa days, movies, hiking, exploring, adventuring and all those other fun things lovely ladies enjoy doing to make new girlfriends and have a fabulous time! This meetup is for lovely people with lovely personalities who have positive energy! [:)]

Group size will often be limited to allow us to get to know each other.

*PLEASE NOTE* Meetup charges you automatically. You are responsible for removing yourself from the group if you do not intend to participate. If you have not signed up for an event by the time your free trial ends you will be removed to avoid unnecessary charges and refunds. Meetup policy states, "Members agree to automatic renewal of Member Dues payments upon their initial payment to the group. Refunds will not be issued as a result of failure to turn off renewal."


By sending a join request and being a member of the group, you agree to the following:

1) You must be a female

2) You must have a CLEAR PHOTO of your face on your profile for this group to be accepted and it must remain on your profile at all times. No exceptions. Pictures of cartoon characters, drawings, landscapes, animals, misc. items or photos of people wearing masks will not be accepted. This is so you can be recognized at events and for safety reasons as well. Members not displaying a clear photo will be removed

3) Please be respectful with your RSVPs. Cancellations within 24-hours of the event start time will be flagged as No-Shows unless the member communicates with the organizer/event host. This is especially true if the event has a waitlist. If you are flagged as a No-Show three times you will be removed from the group

4) No matter the type of or duration of an event, showing up late is both inconsiderate and impolite to the event organizer and the attendees unless indicated otherwise. If you happen to be running late for an event, please communicate with the event organizer. Chronic tardiness will result in removal from the group

5) Members on waitlists who DO NOT have a history of no-shows or tardiness will receive priority on the attending list if a spot opens up. If you are on a waitlist, please check in periodically to see if you have made it on the attending list. Do not wait until the day of the event to check

6) Additional guests are not allowed at events unless indicated otherwise

7) Showing up at events without being on the attending list (aka “crashing”) is unacceptable unless arrangements are made with the event host beforehand

8) Please read event descriptions in full when considering to RSVP. Take dates, times, your personal obligations and commuting/traffic into consideration. Make a note on your calendar when you have RSVPed to an event. If an event calls for a payment to the organizer, please pay in a timely matter to avoid cancellation. Check the event page for comments and updates frequently

9) Inactive members and members with no RSVP history within one year of her membership dues payment date will be removed

10) All members and event attendees are responsible for their own actions when attending and transporting themselves to and from events. You acknowledge that there may be risks and hazards associated with events and you assume all responsibility and forever dismiss all organizers, event hosts and group members of liability for, and not limited to, personal damages, injuries or emotional distresses to yourself. You agree to this by signing up and attending any event

11) Acting in a way in which other members are made uncomfortable or having a sense of entitlement will result in removal

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Northern California Golf Club

Fremont, CA


We are a social golf meetup group, which offers its members an option to join our very own NCGA Associate Club by the same name: Northern California Golf Club.  To register, here is the link:

If you click on the above link, you'll see a green "Join This Club" button with a yellow star on it.


You are welcome to join us if you are an Intermediate+ golfer. Here are some expectations:

- Familiarity with basic rules of golf and golf etiquette, particularly the practice of honoring a good pace of play;

- Respect for the game and our members;

- Adherence to our policies, including showing up for events on time or earlier if requested.

Whether you participate in our golf outings or our non-golf social events, you are responsible for any damages or injuries you cause to property or other persons. You are participating at NCGC events at your own risk, and neither the Organizer nor the Event Organizers will be liable for damages or injuries caused by any of our members during our meetups or travel to and from our meetups. NCGC is also not liable for any injuries inflicted upon it members or damages done to members' properties or loss of properties (including golf equipment, transportation, etc.) during events and travel to and from our meetups.

Also, unless you are already a member of our Beginners group, you must use your real name or initials and a recent photo of yourself when signing up. If you are not comfortable with this policy or any of our other policies, this is not the group for you.


Let’s play our part in promoting and practicing the industry’s goal of finishing a round in about 4.5 hours.

For over two years, we have been providing exceptional golf experience to players of all ages, and our group keeps getting better and better. We will continue to play 18-hole courses all over the Bay Area and sometimes beyond.

We oftentimes hang out after the round for a meal or a drink. This is optional, so don't feel obligated to stick around if your plans do not permit it.

We are also open to suggestions for playing various courses in the Bay Area. If there is a course you would like to play, let one of the Event Organizers know and we will look to getting it on the calendar.


Annual NON-REFUNDABLE fee: $11.36

If a member is removed from our group, this fee will not be refunded.


Our attendance policy is strict. This is a requirement as we reserve tee times up to two weeks in advance, and we are required to fill those tee times. Golf courses do not like last minute cancellations as they make their money by having full foursomes.

When you receive notifications of scheduled meetups, it is not necessary to reply "No" if you are not attending an event. You have the option to click on "Yes" or "No," but you don't have to; you can simply delete the email without replying. Of course, if you RSVP "Yes" then your plans change, you must update your RSVP to "No."

Do not sign up for a meetup if there's a chance that you might have to cancel at the last minute. It's better for you to sign up at the last minute than to cancel at the last minute.

* Although one no-show may result in the removal from our group, the first no-show may only be given a warning, depending on the circumstances. 

 * Last-minute cancellations are frowned upon. A last-minute cancel is if you cancel your RSVP after the RSVP deadline or after an Event Organizer has posted the group assignments, which might be a day or two before the RSVP deadline.

* A combination of a no-show and last-minute cancellation will also result in the removal from our group.

* Last-minute cancellations will be accepted from our "regular" members who have a good attendance record—until it starts to become a habit. 

Thank you for observing and respecting our policies. We work hard to ensure that our members always have a great experience on the golf course.

Welcome to the Northern California Golf Club. We look forward to your upcoming participation.


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BaySquad - Find Your Community, Meet New Friends [20s-30s]

Sunnyvale, CA

Update June 2021: With vaccines out, our communities reaching herd immunity, and social distancing restrictions lifting, we are eager to ramp up in person events again. Be on the look out!


With "shelter-in-place" active during 2020, we spun up a discord server to remain social, hangout and host virtual events! Feel free to mingle virtually at


From Hiking to Concerts to Surfing to Game Nights, We do it all! <br>

If you are new to the area, you grew up here, or just visiting, doesn't matter, all are welcome! We are here to make new friends, catch-up with existing ones, and explore what the bay has to offer together! We hope to create a fun, vibrant, close knit community of friendly individuals who make meaningful connections while enjoying life, relaxing and letting loose, and checking off whatever is on that bucket list. <br>

Some Events We've Done in the Past: <br>- Camping trips <br>- Napa Daytrip <br>- Bubble Soccer <br>- Paintballing <br>- Escape Rooms <br>- Rafting Trips <br>- Glassblowing <br>- Wine & Cheese Get-togethers <br>- Potlucks <br>- Game Nights <br>- Movie Nights <br>... and much more! <br>We update weekly so keep an eye out 😁

Let us know what you are interested in and we will make it a reality~

General Housekeeping Rules + Useful Info/Tips (Please read me!) : <br>- Always join the Waitlist even if RSVP is full. We oftentimes expand the cap depending on interest. Also last minute drop outs commonly occur so there is a high chance you will be moved over to going. <br>- No-Shows: While we understand last minute emergencies (please just let us know by messaging event host), chronic no-showers (3+) on the other hand will be warned and may be put on suspension if they persist. We want to be respectful, and keep spots open to people that can attend and fill a spot when possible. The best way to avoid getting marked down is to update your rsvp the day before an event or find someone on the waitlist that can take your spot, giving everyone an opportunity to attend. <br>- Some events are gender balanced. If you are on the waitlist and others get past you, then it's because the organizers are trying to maintain a relative ratio for the comfort of all attendees. <br>- Please be respectful to your fellow community members. We want to create a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy themselves in. <br>- 3 Strike Rule: If you get 3 complaints against you under the span of 2 months and you have ignored our notifications, then we will suspend your membership. Based on the severity and history of complaints you may be kicked out prior to the 3 strikes. This applies to members and organizers alike. <br>- If you have any comments/suggestions or a complaint, please reach out to organizers as we are always ready to take in your input. <br>

We do try to gender balance the entire group, hence your request to join can get delayed :) We usually are good about not keeping you waiting too long. But to speed up the process, add a friend! <br>

PS: Please apply individually, group applications will not be approved. Please have a clear, visible photo of yourself when joining. If you feel uncomfortable, we understand and recommend using a group photo or partial photo. It will make it easier for hosts to potentially identify you from the crowd when you come to an event. Since our ultimate goal is to foster a friendly community that has fun face to face interactions, we hope members feel as comfortable with meeting us here digitally as in-person. 😊

Want to become an organizer or co-host an event? Message an event organizer to get onboard! We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the fold. 😄


Report an Issue <br>

We believe in creating a supportive and safe community. If you feel that you have been harassed by a member of BaySquad meet-up, be it admin, moderator, organizer or member, please feel free to report it here. <br> <br>


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