Graphics and text rendering on the GPU for any C++ application


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Text based applications tend to use the CPU while 3D games make heavy use of GPU rendering. It would be ideal if every application were able to render all their graphics and text using hardware acceleration on the GPU. Is this practical, feasible, or realistic?

In this presentation we will provide a brief introduction to graphics terminology and what it takes to render. As part of this talk we will explain why rendering text is more complicated than just drawing letters on the screen. A brief overview of shaders, pipelines, and textures will be shown to illustrate the power of graphics on the GPU. A graphics demo will be shown as well as some of the user source code.

Familiarity with C++ is recommended however no prior knowledge of graphics is required.

** About The Speakers

Barbara Geller works on software development for CopperSpice, private consulting, product management, and educational trainings. Her degree is in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona with additional studies towards a masters in Computer Science.

Ansel Sermersheim is a consultant specializing in the development of the CopperSpice project, promoting open source, and educational
trainings. His degree is in Computer Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Co-founders of CopperSpice, C++ GUI library
Co-founder of DoxyPress, C++ app for generating documentation