Catch a Spy for 75 Cents

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Workshop Date: November 09, 2019
Workshop Time: 10:00AM
Workshop Duration: 4-hours
Workshop Location: 3900 W. Alameda Ave. 12th Floor, Burbank, CA 91505

Workshop Title: Catch a Spy for 75 Cents
Workshop Lead: Edmond Momartin

Almost 30 years ago an astronomer working at Lawrence Berkley Labs helped catch a German spy ring.

It all started when he was assigned as a computer system administrator and discovered a 75 cents discrepancy in the computer system accounting logs.

Being a scientist, he didn't let go until he discovered what caused it and in the process revealed an international espionage ring operating out of Germany.

While almost all of the systems which this story is revolving around can only be found in museums now, many of the security principles causing the breach are essentially the same as the ones we hear about today.

We'll reveal them while we walk the history together.