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AI Engineers build useful software with AI libraries and APIs. AI Engineers are valuable because they get the job done at enterprise scale. Improve your skills with our presentations. Be recognised when you share knowledge.

AI Engineers
- are building production AI
- are hacking AI
- are building an AI driven startup
- or perhaps will do it at the next hackathon
- are using cloud services to build chatbots
- are #winning kaggle competitions with autoML API/libraries
- are building working AI software - that's cool

If you like to get cool software built, then you belong with the AI Engineers! Come to our next event, up-skill, meet like-minded people, talk shop, have fun.

Showcase your work and be recognised for your achievements, feel the high of a well-received talk.

Join our group and come to our next event!

Our talks are split into two streams: AI Applications and AI Concepts.

AI Applications showcase working AI solutions or show examples where the real world case is obvious.

AI Concepts explain concepts, methods and technologies that are used as part of working AI solutions. AI Concepts talks will help you understand AI Applications showcases.

Join our group and come to our next event!

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AI Concepts: Supervised Learning


A short introduction to supervised learning for members who are new to machine learning and AI. Low on maths. Just a talk that explains concepts. About the Speaker: Slava Razbash has worked in AI roles in multinationals, startups and even a university. He is the organiser of the AI Engineers of Melbourne meetup group, your speaker and your host for the evening. How to find us: Once you enter the Outcome.life building take the lift or the stairs to the top floor. After the talk, we'll be going next door to Campari House for drinks and snacks.

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How to do well with AutoML


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