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API Meetup #4 in San Francisco, Developer Week SF edition

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Abhijeet R. and 2 others


We have 2 speakers planning very interesting talks at this next API Meetup. First is Hal Hildebrand from, his talk is named "Real Time Events in Teh Cloud". We also have Kin Lane, an API Evangelist and his talk is named "Secret to a Successful API is Internal". is our host for this API meetup during Developer Week SF, but the meeting will also be available via Webex. The Meeting number is: 306 845 722 and the Meeting Password is: api

To start this meeting

  1. Go to

  2. Log in to your account.

  3. Click "Start Now".

  4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

  5. Local access number (408) area: 525-6800

Hal Hildebrand arrived on earth some eons ago when his physical essence filtered down from the stars, and he took human form. Lingering for awhile on the plateau of Leng while waiting for the apes to evolve, he eventually mingled among human society, generally without being detected, although the century he spent staked out in a peat bog in Denmark was rather unpleasant and not something he'd cared to repeat. Once computers were invented he became involved with distributed systems in the hope that enough insider knowledge would, at the right time, allow him to convince the artificial intelligence in control to bypass electronic security measures on the on the first translight spacecraft and allow him to return to the stars. This is probably still some time away. Until then he spends his time as an architect at, working on cracking the Dharma cycle of large scale distributed systems and autonomic control.

Kin Lane first started API Evangelist ( when he was looking to evolve his career, and knew APIs were the space he wanted to focus on. In July 2010 he started analyzing the top 250+ APIs, quickly identifying that there were very few people focusing on the Business of APIs (

123 Mission Street · San Francisco, CA