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Up and Running with Angular in 60/5 Brain Hacks

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Dustin G. and 3 others
Up and Running with Angular in 60/5 Brain Hacks


This month - a special Tuesday edition - Justin James to will get us up and running in Angular in 60 minutes. Opening for him will be Dr. Faith Wallace, with 5 brain hacks to help you as a software developer to learn new things.

Opening Talk
Let’s face it: learning anything new is hard & learning to program can be downright infuriating, time consuming & expensive. Take that frustration out of the equation with these 5 hacks based on research in educational psychology (brain science) applied to coding. Save money, time, and aggravation.

Opening Speaker
Web Developer. Professor. Writer. Hogwarts Student. Doctor Who Companion. Dr. Faith Wallace is a former college professor turned web developer with the goal of making teaching and learning code more accessible.

Main Talk Description:
If you have been thinking about learning Angular, now is your chance. Take your Angular knowledge from 0 to 60 in just 1 hour.

We will take a stroll through the concepts that you need to know like modules, components, services, routes, and guards to be able to create any Angular application. Then we will make a quick stop at the Angular CLI to take a look around at all of the fantastic functionality and productivity it provides us. Finally, we will finish our stroll through Angular looking at some real-world code examples.

You will walk away with the knowledge and resources you need to immediately start coding your own Angular applications.

See you there to jump start your Angular development.

Justin is the founder of Speaker Coaching Specialist where he works with software developers, speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches to take the amazing ideas floating around in their head to a polished talk that they can confidently deliver on stage.

When Justin isn’t transforming the world through public speaking he is a Microsoft MVP, Software Engineer and Professional Speaker who loves to code, teach, and share his knowledge to help people grow in their careers and get to their end goals faster. He specializes in making the complex simple and easy to understand.

Website: for tech and for public speaking

Location Space
This event is being hosted at the Creative Circus, 812 Lambert Drive, Atlanta

Partnered Event
ATL Angular has partnered this event with our friends at the Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group @ATLJavaScript

Code of Conduct:
ATL Angular is an inclusive community, dedicated to providing an empowering experience for everyone who participates in or supports our community, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic status, caste, creed, political affiliation, or preferred programming language(s). Our events are intended to inspire everyone to excel in technology careers, and anyone who is there for this purpose is welcome. We do not tolerate harassment of members in any form.
The Creative Circus
812 Lambert Drive · Atlanta, GA
How to find us

If you get lost message us on Twitter @ATL_Angular

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