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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month until June 18, 2019

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Due to the Fox Theater event tonight the building parking deck could be full. A safe parking option is the ATT Parking deck on the corner of W Peachtree and 4th St.
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The meetup is on the 10th floor tonight instead of the 11th floor.

There is currently construction blocking the front entrance of the building. Either use the side entrance pictured here: or take the back entrance all the way to the elevators.

6:30 Networking & Food

7:00 Announcements & House Chores

7:15 Presentations


Talk #1
The State of Angular

Ng-Conf recap and a road-map for the future from this years Ng-Conf

Presenter: Matt Gold
Bio- Full-stack developer, audiobook addict, smashbros junkie, music collector, whiskey lover. Senior Software Engineer at @KabbageInc, and
@ATL_Angular co-organizer. Say,'Hi' to him on Twitter here @mattbgold

Talk #2
Relevant JS interview questions

A general sense in the industry is that the JS interview process is
completely busted. We can either acknowledge the fact and sit passively or we can actively seek to be a part of the solution”

Presenter: Ady Ngom

Talk #3
Where did the factories go? Writing Jasmine specs as a Ruby on Rails developer.

TDD is a well known and expected practice for developing software. Writing specs in your preferred framework/language is second nature. RSpec is the go to for writing tests for back end Ruby/Rails code and I use it everyday. As I've begun to write more Angular in my daily work, writing specs to go along with my code was slow going at first. Over the past few weeks and months, writing Jasmine specs has become much less of a headache. It has even helped me understand testing at a deeper level and improved my RSpec abilities as well. In this quick lightning talk, I hope to share some of the things I learned as a Ruby developer writing Jasmine tests.

Presenter: Alan Mathews
Bio: Alan is originally from Jacksonville, Florida but now lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he works as a full stack Ruby on Rails engineer at CallRail. He has have a diverse background in health science, audio engineering, and bartending. In his spare time, Alan enjoys a good cup of coffee, listening to the How I Built This podcast, and supporting his favorite soccer team, Liverpool FC.

Talk #4
Ant Design, a UI Library for Your UX and Front End Design

An enterprise-class UI design language for web applications used by the likes of Alibaba. We'll take a look at how Ant Design a React UI component library that integrates with VUE and Angular is a popular solution for streamlining the gap between UX, UI and the developer team by reducing unnecessary cost of design differences, implementation and liberate the resources of design for front-end development.

Presenter: A Frenz
Bio- A is a product designer, focusing on designing better experiences for people with the IoT, founder, and co-organizer of ATL Angular. You can find him in his free time white water rafting, playing in his garden or with his two dogs.

This event is sponsored by Kabbage Inc and Navomi