How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Stakeholders, Clients and Employees

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Executive Conversations: How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Stakeholders, Clients and Employees

Executives and business owners dread having difficult conversations that address poor performance, confrontational relationships, stress-inducing and other negative behaviors. They are a necessary, albeit undesirable part of the job. Understanding how to handle difficult conversations can turn them into opportunities to deepen trust, encourage collaboration, and stimulate learning for all parties involved.

In this presentation, Wendy Nolin will address the myths and misconceptions about having difficult conversations. She will walk you through real-world situations that you encounter frequently: poor performance of a team member, fallout over a manager not being promoted, conflict over strategic company vision, negotiating with investors, etc.

Wendy will teach you specific strategies, including conversation starters to turn conflict into learning conversations between you and external stakeholders, department heads, employees, and even your CEO and clients. Join your fellow executives and business owners Monday, September 26th to learn how to implement these techniques in your business, and move from confrontation to collaboration.

About our speaker

Wendy Nolin liberates professionals from the status quo. She helps professionals transform their career or businesses, transition out of the status quo, and reinvent themselves.

Wendy helps professionals identify the rut they’re stuck in and climb out by helping them achieve clarity of vision for the future. When you have clarity, a natural direction emerges. Having a direction invigorates your energy and catalyzes you to take focused action. Taking focused action gets you out of the rut.

Wendy has liberated more than 300 professionals from the status quo, exceeding 12,000 engagement hours to date. Clients include MDs, PhDs, JDs, MBAs, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs, VPs, Executive VPs, Directors, General Managers, Managing Directors, mid-level managers, small business owners and solopreneurs.