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Welcome to the Melbourne AWS User Group.

We are group dedicated to the cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services. Because we are specific to AWS we can go deep into some of the technical services provided by AWS and get some great insights into how their services work.

If you want to put your application in the cloud and have already chosen AWS, or if you already have applications in the AWS cloud, then this is a great group to get helpful insights and advice from other group members.

More information is available on our website. (https://melb.awsug.org.au/)

The Melbourne AWS User Group is not affiliated with any organisations and is independent from Amazon.

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Melbourne AWS User Group #108

Online event

Our regular monthly meetup (on the last Wednesday of every month).

Kicking off at 6:30pm.

This weekend brought us the roadmap out of our current lack of in-person meetups (even though it will still take a while) so that's great! I know we're all looking forward to being together again as a group, but in the meantime we'll just keep on providing you with fun and informative online events.

Like this month, where we bring you the return of the always interesting Dawn with a follow-up of last year's talk about Control Tower. Has it gotten any better in the past year? Join us and find out! And afterwards we'll have Hendra showing us what is needed to switch an application to use Graviton 2 instances. How hard is it to make use of these interesting processors? Only one way to find out.

Our thanks to CMD Solutions (cmdsolutions.com.au) for their continued sponsorship.

See below for the full agenda. The event will be streamed on YouTube as always: https://melb.awsug.org.au/live


# Agenda

| 6:30pm | Introductions |
| 6:40pm | What's new in AWS |
| 6:50pm | Dawn E. Collett: Control Tower - 12 Months Later [200] |
| 7:20pm | Hendra Gunadi: Transitioning to Kafka on Graviton2 [Level 300] |
| 7:50pm | Closing |
| 8:00pm | Networking + Close |


# Control Tower - 12 Months Later
- Dawn E. Collett

Level 200

Last year, we joined ProductCorp as they migrated their AWS organisation to Control Tower. 12 months on, they've just completed their first acquisition of a much smaller startup with a limited AWS footprint. Today, we'll join them as they help their new subsidiary move onto Control Tower, and see how it's improved since it was released.

# Transitioning to Kafka on Graviton2
- Hendra Gunadi

Level 300

Instaclustr supports managed Apache Kafka on the AWS platform. Previously, we have been using x86 instances. With the new Graviton2 instances coming along, we have updated our offering to make use of this latest product. This talk will be focusing on the work we undertook to make the switch to Graviton2 and dive into some problems we encountered when we were doing the switch of the architecture, mainly the Kafka performance issue when using SSL, and how we solved the issue.

We are always looking for speakers and believe everyone has an interesting talk hiding inside themselves. If you are interested in letting that talk out at a future event you can get in touch on the website https://melb.awsug.org.au/speak/ or reach out to @arjen or @bok on our Slack.

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Melbourne AWS User Group #107

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