re:Invent Recap Rendezvous


Our special re:Invent Recap Rendezvous!

Arrive at 5:45pm for a 6:00 pm start.

Registration is via Eventbrite:

In lieu of our December Meetup we are hosting our traditional re:Invent event at the AWS Offices.

We're having a relaxed event to close out the year this year. In addition to the traditional re:Invent Recap from AWS we'll have a night filled with games, fun and prizes!

Unfortunately we won't be live streaming this event, so make sure you get your tickets early!


# Agenda

| 6:00pm | Introductions |
| 6:05pm | re:Invent Recap with AWS Presenter(s) |
| 6:50pm | Pizza Break 🍕 |
| 7:10pm | Trivia Competition |
| 7:35pm | Bingo Competition |
| 8:00pm | Networking + Close |


# Trivia Competition

Not your average pub trivia, but close! Teams of 5 will answer a series of AWS-related questions for great prizes. Questions will vary in difficultly and area of expertise, so make sure you find a group with diverse AWS experience.


# Bingo Competition

For the more laid back (or cut throat, depending how competitive you are), we'll wrap up the night with a game of bingo for a fantastic prize.


Its our last meetup of the year, so let's kick back, enjoy some AWS related games and welcome the holiday season with a lot of fun and laughter.

RSVP via Eventbrite: