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What we’re about

When I first entered the world of Big Data as an engineer, I didn’t realize what an enormous technological challenges I will be facing. As time went by, despite my experience, I’m still struggling to keep up with new technologies, frameworks and architectures.

Consequently, I created  this meetup, detailing all the challenges of Big Data, especially in a cloud environment . I am using AWS platform as a service to answer the technical questions of anyone navigating their way in the big data world.

In this meetup we will try to answer questions regarding: big data best practice, data science, data engineering, BI, how to manage costs, performance tips, security tips and Cloud best practices.

We shall present lecturers working with various technologies and frameworks.

Basically - if it is related to data - this is THE meetup.

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Data Engineers
Data Science
DevOps Engineers
Big Data Architects
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