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IP #2: Putting Your Portfolio to Work to Protect Premium Pricing
Join Access Silicon Valley in Palo Alto for light dinner, networking, and a workshop: IP Fundamentals #2 - Putting Your IP Portfolio to Work to Protect Premium Pricing In this session, IP Fundamentals #2, Noel will cover how you put together a IP plan and portfolio that will help your startup achieve your short term goal – Funding – but that will also lay the foundation for a strong portfolio that you can enforce – all on a budget! Finally, Noel will address common enforcement scenarios that emerging companies often need to deploy in order to protect their Premium Pricing. PLEASE DO NOT RSVP/JOIN WAIT-LIST ON MEETUP REGISTER HERE (FOR FREE) TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THE LIVESTREAM VIEWING LINK & INSTRUCTIONS Register Here: Registration closes at 10:00AM on August 22 (CALIFORNIA TIME), so please register now so you don't forget! We will send out an email (at least 5-6 hours prior to the event) to all who register through the link above. If you do not register through the link above by the deadline and add [masked] as an approved email sender, we're sorry, but you will not receive the link to access the livestream. MATERIALS A comprehensive printed workbook and reference materials is included in the price of the admission. DETAILS When developing a plan to capture and protect a company’s intellectual property (IP), it is important to understand the various stages involved, what stage the company is currently in, and what is coming next. There are three important stages that effect how a company will develop and protect its IP portfolio. “Initial Stage” generally corresponds to the startup phase of the company, often before employees have been hired and before any IP has been captured or any protection sought. (IP Fundamentals #1) “Market Defense Stage” in which the company has reached the market and now faces competition, competition that may be knocking off or otherwise making use of the company’s IP. (IP Fundamentals #2) “Maintenance Stage” corresponds to when the company’s products and the relative status of the competitors in the market are established (IP Fundamentals #3 "Managing a Mature Portfolio") In the first session Gillespie discussed the issues and concerns that occur even before you start creating IP. Then he looked at what types of IP you will be creating and discussed how each type can help a business achieve and maintain the number one business objective: Premium Pricing. The lessons learned in IP Fundamentals #2 Workshop will enable participants to efficiently and effectively leverage their IP Portfolio to get funding and to protect their pricing and position in the marketplace. SPEAKER BIO Noel C. Gillespie, advises clients on strategic patent portfolio development and implementation to protect their technology and achieve their business objectives. Noel's practice focuses largely on startup and emerging growth companies, for which he provides counseling with respect to IP portfolio deployment, due diligence, licensing, enforcement, data privacy, and other business advice involving IP and technology concerns. He has extensive experience working with telecommunications companies, especially wireless telecommunications companies, wireless health, health information technology, medical devices, clean tech, and software and Internet companies. REGISTER HERE (FOR FREE) Register Here:

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