Relationships - how to be a better partner

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Relationships can be one of our biggest sources of Happiness (or of unhappiness!).

GOOD IN LOVE - how to be a better partner

Most of us desire being in a loving relationship, and there is room for us all to be better partners.
Couples therapist Lilliana Gibbs spells out 5 things that are best avoided, and 5 things to do much more often – these will increase connection, satisfaction and happiness.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return - Eden Ahbez

Lilliana says:
"I believe the purpose of life is to enjoy being who we are; to love and be loved, and to use our talents to fulfil our needs and satisfy our desires. And for this we need to keep growing our self-awareness and stretching our potential."

Lilliana Gibbs is a successful relationship counsellor who practises in Kensington and Lewes.

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