What we're about

Let's get out of the house! This is a group for people ( 45 - 60's) who would like to get together with others to participate in various activities such as hiking, kayaking, painting classes, book discussion, workshops, movies, boating, dinners, rafting, weekend get away, etc. This group is for singles as well as married couples. There will be activities planned in Anderson, Greenville and other areas of the Upstate.



* We are a drug free group. If drugs are brought to a meetup this will be taken very seriously. Part of an organizer's responsibility is to try to provide a safe environment to members and not jeopardize jobs. Your opinion of what should be "legal" and "not legal" is not what is important. It's what is on the law books at present time that is important.

* If alcohol is allowed at a meetup, please drink responsibly. There will be some events which will be "alcohol free" so please abide by that. We will have some members who don't drink and there may be some who are in recovery. Activities Unlimited of the Upstate would like this group to be a welcoming place and provide opportunities where all members can attend.

* You must attend at least 1 meetup per every 3 months. Having an active group is much more fun than a large membership of inactive members. Our activities are in several areas of the Upstate but there will be several within your area. Sometimes a member may not be able to attend for a few months....sickness....etc... if your membership is removed for no attendance, you can apply again later.

* There will be no " plus one" unless specified so check each individual meetup activity. It doesn't matter if it is a public place. We save seats for a particular amount to sit with the group so you must be on guest list to join us or hike within our group. If you have a friend who wants to attend an event, then encourage them to join the group. In the event that a meetup does allow a "plus one" make sure you know that person and explain the guidelines to your guest.

* At least 3 "no shows" or 3 same day cancellations may result in losing your membership. Please don't leave your name on the RSVP list and keep us waiting for you.

* Although many people meet and start dating in meetup, we are not a dating site. Please report to organizer if you are being harassed or being pursued in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. You may be required to put this in writing so that the information can be past on to other organizers. We want to keep this a safe group. But if you meet your "soul mate" in this group...… we are happy for you!

* No negative comments may be made on meetup pages about other members, other groups, organizers or meetups. Most organizers would love to remove the star rating but there's no way to do it. If you don't like a particular venue, then you don't have to return. I think it especially rude to make negative comments to house parties where a host has invited the group into their home.

* Only the organizer and "hosts" or "event organizers" assigned by the organizer can post & host. If you attend an event, know that the host has worked very hard to organize so please don't attend a planned meetup and try to change the plans such as suggesting a different restaurant. The host is the only one who can do that.

* Remember that anyone who attends a meetup is representing the Meetup group. Please don't play a part of giving this meetup group a bad reputation by rude behavior at venues. This may result in the venue not having us back. Be sure to thank the venue, leave a tip ( if service is good) and above all thank your host for putting the meetup event together.

* This meetup is for married & singles so there will be times that there may be a "couple" event or a "single" event such as on Valentine's Day but we will make sure there will be one for each so no one is left out.

* Members are required to give the organizer in a private message their first and last name. Sexual offenders registry will be checked frequently. It is your choice to leave last name off on your profile page.

* We love children and there will be events where children will be allowed to attend but unless noted, this group is for the specified age. It is hopeful to have at least several events a year where members' children or grandchildren can attend.

* Please do not use our Meetup group to promote a business or products

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