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This group is created in hopes to build solid group of young and active professionals in the peninsula that are interested in getting together regularly for some fun. We can organize some pick-up games of soccer, softball, broom ball, Volenis or any other sport. We can also get together and go surfing, bike riding, hiking, or rock climbing. We don't even have to do sports. We can go to street fairs, festivals, concerts, visit a haunted house or go to dollar day at the race track. The possibilities are endless. Suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged. In the end, this is about meeting great people, having fun, and maybe trying a new thing or two. I hope you join us! (I am working on more events closer to us...it's a work in process. But I will let you know of all of the events I hear of.) We are on FACEBOOK too! If you wonder where all of the other people I bring come from, I help organize an activity group on FaceBook too (They are are also all in the 20's and from the peninsula too). A lot of the events are the same as here, but there are a few added ones (that I dont organize). The group is called "Bay Area Young Professionals Activities Crew (BAYPAC)" - http://www.facebook.com/#/group.php?gid=245082685560 Mid-20s to Early-30s Activities Group of the Peninsula

Upcoming events (4+)

🔎Murder Mystery Pub & Grub Nite! Drink, Dine & Solve Crime!🔎 (EVERY FRIDAY)

READ EVERYTHING PLEASE BEFORE ATTENDING: This event is EVERY WEEK!! Because this is a recurring event, the date will change to next week on this meetup invitation as it gets close to the event start time - but this event is still happening this FRIDAY at 7:30PM and is NOT CANCELLED!


RSVP required here: https://www.facebook.com/events/108239516000485


MEETING POINT: Meet OUTSIDE 498 Broadway St (on the NORTHEAST CORNER of Broadway & Kearny St). Look for the pink "Murder Mystery Meeting Point" Sign. We do NOT stay here or go inside - it is only a check in point. At 7:45PM SHARP, we will leave for the first stop. You MUST check in between 7:30PM and 7:45PM if you are planning to attend - please do not try and join us mid-way into the event as you will be turned away.

Solve the murder case as we head to 3 places for food, dessert and drinks. Win murder mystery clues along the way by competing at rock paper scissors and other games against fellow detectives. Come up with the most creative/funny murder motive and win a prize! Enjoy cheap food/dessert/beer/wine/spirits/shots along the way!

NOTE: We will have outside sections reserved for our group at some of the places, so DRESS WARM for when we are outside! Event is 21 and over and you must bring a VALID ID ie: NO EXPIRED IDs.

We'll be joining groups of backpackers traveling in SF. Therefore, in addition to those who have RSVPed on the meetup, there will also be a mix of locals and travelers attending. Here is a link to the traveler's meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/SanFranciscoHostel/

Free to crawl with drink/food/dessert special purchase.
Drink/food/dessert Special: Get 9 coupons for $1.11 each at check-in. Use coupons to pay $3 for beer/wine/spirits, $4 for pizza slices, and $2 for shots/dessert/non-alcoholic drinks along the way! Plus get free freshly made Caramel Corn.

NOTE: Drinks/food are CASH ONLY.

😂Indian Curry, Comedy Show & $2 Beers! (EVERY THURSDAY)😂

Needs a location

RSVP required here: https://www.facebook.com/events/354741754589082

READ EVERYTHING PLEASE: This is a recurring event that happens EVERY THURSDAY! The date will change on the event invitation as it gets close to the event starting time, but the event is still happening this Thursday at 6PM and is NOT CANCELLED!!

COVID INFO: Comedy show is INDOORS.

RSVP is required. If you are planning to attend, you must meet us between 6PM and 6:15PM on the NORTHEAST CORNER of Broadway St. & Kearny St. - Look for the pink "CURRY & COMEDY Meeting Point" Sign OUTSIDE 498 Broadway St at the bottom of the Peter Macchiarini Steps. We do NOT stay here - it is only a check in point. At 6:15PM SHARP, we will leave for the stop of the crawl. Do NOT try to meet up with us after 6:15PM or you will be turned away.

We'll be heading out with a group of travelers for Indian dinner followed by a live Comedy Show. Option to also stop at a dueling piano bar and also a popular bar in SF with 100 beers on tap, skeeball & games at the end of the night. Please be sure to READ everything below, as comedy show tickets are now available on a first-come-first-served basis.

We'll be joining the international travelers group and picking up a groups of backpackers from local hostels - since the menu selections and restaurant changes sometimes, here is the main event link with all the info, the full menu choices for our group, etc:



www.sfhostelparty.com ( http://www.sfhostelparty.com/ )

$14.75 + $3.25 tax/tip includes an Indian curry combo meal - includes rice, naan, salad and your choice of three curries (tax & tip are included). The Indian restaurant also has $2 beers and $3 wine. Comedy show tickets can be added on to dinner for $1 (save $25 ticket fee!) and are on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis until the show fills up. We do not usually fill up the show - but this is just a heads up that there is limited space and if the show does hit capacity, you are still welcome to join us for the dinner with cheap drinks and also head to the bars.

NOTE: The Dinner & Comedy show is for ages 18 and over. If you're planning to go to the piano bar or the bar with 100 beers, be sure to bring your ID that shows you are 21+. If you have an out of country ID, it is best to bring a passport since some places do not accept international drivers licenses.


For choice of Curries & Entrees, see the main event link:


As this will be a large group, the food choices have been pre-organized - so there are NO ADDITIONAL FOOD SUBSTITUTIONS!

See you Thursday!

🏉 2019 AFL Grand Final SF Official Party & Sausage Sizzle! 🥳 $2 Drinks!

RSVP is REQUIRED on FACEBOOK and will be checked at the door: https://www.facebook.com/events/2001895596561664/

FREE ENTRY with FB RSVP AND $8 towards Beer/Wine/Spirit/Shot Special Purchase. FACEBOOK RSVP is REQUIRED and will be checked at the door. You must be RSVPed that you are GOING on FB to attend.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Join us for the 2019 AFL Grand Final SF Beer Olympics Watch Party & Sausage Sizzle! Aussie spirit attire encouraged. We'll be meeting up with Aussies from around SF and picking up Aussies that are traveling and staying in the city: https://www.meetup.com/SFAussiesKiwisBritsSaffas/events/254827975/

Previous years party pics: https://www.sfhostelparty.com/2019aflgrandfinalsfofficialparty

The 2019 AFL Grand Final will be showing on EVERY TV SCREEN in BOTH Horizon Lounge and Score Sports Bar. Doors open and
Sausage Sizzle kicks off 6PM - enjoy authentic Sausage Sangas (aka: Sausage with onions & sauce on white bread). AFL Grand Final starts at 9:30PM.

Plus, to encourage everyone to meet new people, you'll be added to a team to compete for your country in Aussie-themed Beer/Wine/Spirit Olympics tournament games during halftime in the Horizon Lounge. Enter the Best Dressed Aussie Bogan Contest, build the tallest Didgeridoo (aka: Wizard Staff) out of beer cans, eat some Snags, and find some Sheilas. Fair dinkum, mate.

FREE ENTRY with RSVP AND $8 towards Beer/Wine/Spirit/Shot Special Purchase.

Beer/Wine/Spirit/Shot Special: Get 8 drink coupons for $1 each at the check-in point. Use coupons to pay:
--> $1 for WINES before 6:30PM
--> $2 for BEERS before 6:30PM
--> $3 for WELL SPIRITS before 6:30PM.
--> $3 for SHOT SPECIAL
--> After 6:30PM, use coupons to pay $3 for WINES/BEERS, $5 for WELL SPIRITS, & $3 for SHOT SPECIAL

Aussie-themed games include: 'Down Under' Beer/Wine/Spirit Pong, Two-Up, Boomerang Flip, Aussie Thong Slide, Ayers Rock Paper Scissors, and Build the tallest Beer Can Didgeridoo (aka: Wizard Staff). Win Prizes! FREE to play in the games. Meet/Compete against Aussies, international travelers, locals, au pairs and students.

--> Everyone's placed on a team based on your country (to make it easy to meet people). Or you can create your own team.
--> Teams compete in Australian-themed games.
--> Play -or- just watch the AFL Grand Final, drink cheap beer/wine/spirits and be social.

WHEN: Friday, Sept 27th, 2019 (Doors open at 6PM)

WHERE: Score Sports Bar & Horizon Lounge - (Check in at the entry of SCORE Bar): 490 Broadway St. Signup for the Aussie-themed Beer/Wine/Spirit Olympics tournament with the games coordinator.

TIME: Doors open and Sausage Sizzle starts at 6PM. AFL Grand Final starts at 9:30PM.

🏠 SF Roommate/Flatmate Search: In-Person Meetup

Needs a location

Please do NOT call the hostel about this event. We are using their space for the event and all the info is posted below - they do NOT have any info.

Those who attend the meetup can request to be added to our private facebook group so that you can connect with people who attended prior weeks and are still looking for rooms/roommates. Only those who attend in person will be added to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/560681231325623/

NOTE: This is a recurring event! The date changes on the meetup event invitation as it gets close to the event starting time, but the event is still happening and is NOT CANCELLED! Our friends at the Green Tortoise hostel have let us use their common space for this event. Be sure to bring a VALID ID (ie: NOT expired) or you will not be allowed to enter the building. You MUST also check in at 8:30PM SHARP out front of the building in order to attend - latecomers will be turned away. Also note: NO SOLICITORS! Keep your crappy over-priced, spammy, roommate apps to yourself.

Finding a roommate in SF is a royal pain in the ass. This event is a connection/networking event for people in SF looking for a roommate. Are you looking for someone to search for housing with who could potentially be a good roommate? Do you have an open room but are sick of trying to sort through missed facebook messages and comments all over the place - half of which are from randoms from another country who are trying to scam you?

There are so many housing scams on craigslist and facebook (yes, facebook!). Technology helps us all in many ways - however - it's also made it easier for scammers to take advantage of us and the housing crisis in SF. Plus room-hunters are too disorganized to search for a shared room with another person on their own so it's made it easier for "co-living spaces" to exist and be able to charge people upwards of $1000-$1600 for a shared room. Sometimes it might be worth trying out going back to the basics - what did people do before all the crappy modern day scammy roommate apps? They had to post listings for open rooms in laundromats. They had to talk to others until they met someone who had a friend-of-a-friend that had a room open. They had to connect with each other in person in order to organize roommate options. So maybe it's worth a shot trying these old-school methods out again in 2019.

Some come join us this Monday - maybe you'll find a new roommate. Or worse case, maybe you'll make a new friend.


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