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With prices at all time lows and interest rates you can count on one hand... don't you agree that the time is NOW to GET BUSY BUYING real estate?

Whether you are a n00bie or a seasoned pro, the decision you will make to start massively acquiring residential real estate right now could have a life changing profound effect on you and your families life.
We'll listen to all of your whining on why YOU can't do it and then show you two guys who are and how exactly they put together the pieces of the real estate wealth puzzle...

Phil Falcone "Mr. Addicted2RealEstate" {www.Addicted2RealEstate.com} and Jeremy "We don't need no stinkin' banks" Ricci have launched a private real estate investment trust... REAL Trust. They say the REAL is not for "Real" estate, but the Real Estate Assembly Line!

Come learn how they will do it and what the new plan is... They call it the "2020 Vision"

Here's what you'll uncover at the meetup:

How to get all the money you need (plus some) to invest in real estate without BANKS
How to stop flipping houses and start investing in houses (...and still feed your family!)
The 3 simple steps to creating MASSIVE wealth with silly little houses
The "smack yourself in the forehead" single greatest resource for private lenders
The hidden gem investment that you'll never hear about from your financial planner
and... what kind of a deal is a R.E.A.L. deal?

Join Jeremy and Phil for a "drinking water from a fire hose", get off your butt jump start jam session on how to GET BUSY BUYING real estate! Are you ready to get addicted 2 real estate?

See you there... RSVP right now to reserve a seat.

P.S. There will be an after party across the street

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Using creative financing on all your deals


Creative Financing is crucial to your bottom-line. How do you get the money to invest and how do you structure your deals for maximum success? At Investor Schooling we create remarkable deals every day and we help our students to find the right financing and show them how to structure the deal. If you watch how we do it, your life will only get better! In fact, Phil Falcone and Larry Steinhouse have created a life=time of profitable deals and with jam-packed classes, Phil Falcone and Larry Steinhouse have been raising the bar every Thursday night. Come out Thursday night at 7 PM and learn the secrets that show exactly how Larry and Phil adapt, protect and profit and how you can too. We will take time to answer your questions and show you new concepts to help you profit from real estate investing and stock options. Real estate investing and stock options trading has enriched our lives and empowered us to be in complete control of our own destinies. We want YOU to enjoy the freedoms too! RSVP right now to reserve a seat. http://www.investorschooling.com

Money Mastery Workshop


Don’t Miss This One-Of-A-Kind Workshop on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 at Investor Schooling. YOU WILL LEARN ... College Loans • How they really work • The Myth of forgiveness • How to not be taken advantage of • How to Help Your children save thousands in interest Saving for retirement • How Social Security really works • The advantages and disadvantages of a 401K plan • How to save tax free without an IRA Car Loans or leases? • Saving Thousands in Interest when buying a car • When should you lease or when should you buy? • How to buy cars for your children when they have poor or no credit without putting your credit at risk Learn the secrets of investing in Real Estate • How to buy Properties with no money out of your pocket • How to legally sell Properties you never owned • How build a nest egg of properties with no hassles Make incredible returns in the stock market • Learn the basics of the stock market • Learn how Stock options works • Learn why your stock broker makes more money on your money than you do LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE! You MUST register at: http://realestateretreats.com to attend this event and lock in your spot. RSVPing here will not hold your seat. Additional details available at: http://realestateretreats.com

Bucks County Real Estate Professional Networking Mixer

Chambers 19 Bistro & Bar

Just pure networking with some of the top real estate professionals in the Philadelphia Area. Real estate investors, lending sources, real estate agents, contractors, renovators, buyers and anyone else interested in making money from real estate will love this event. Free hors d’oeuvres and great conversations. No presentations. Bring your business cards. Bring your deals. You never know who you are going to meet. ADMISSION: You must RSVP to attend this event. Option 1) The first 25 People to RSVP get in free Option 2) Pay $20 at the door.|

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Real Estate Wholesale Mastery Workshop


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