Scale by the Bay := Data Engineering + Data Science + Deep Learning + ML + AI

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Scalable Distributed Systems

This is a core theme of the conference — we know how to build scalable systems to serve the world’s most complex business challenges. We hear from the creators of Kubernetes, Lucene/Solr, and see the deployment of Microservices, Serverless, and programmable infrastructure at Capital One, Lyft, Twitch, and Target.

Joe Beda, VMware, Kubernetes as a Platform Platform
Grant Ingersoll, Lucidworks, Search as the new Data Warehouse
Muktesh Mishra, Capital One, Run Like a Boss in Cloud: How Istio & Kubernetes are Changing the Microservices Completely
Shiv Toolsidass, Sharanya Santhanam, Lyft, Enabling real-time querying of Data using Apache Druid, Flink, and Kafka
Jason Swartz, Twitch, High-Performance Serverless Functions in Scala
Adelbert Chang, Target, Everything old is new: today’s infrastructure as yesterday’s Internet

Data Pipelines

End to end data pipelines was an SBTB theme since inception. We are the original data engineering community, and with the ascent of data science and ML/AI a necessity, we show how data is served to decision making in real-time. We hear from Salesforce, Dremio, Netflix, and Pipeline.AI how data is driving user experience and how it is processed by the best of breed OSS.

Thomas Gerber, Salesforce, From Datasets to Tables in a Multitenant Datalake
Jacques Nadeau, Dremio,Vectorized Query Processing for CPUs and GPUs using Apache Arrow
Jeremy Smith, Jonathan Indig, Netflix, Solving the Scala Notebook Experience
Matthew Tovbin, previously Salesforce, Fun with AutoML
Chris Fregly, Pipeline.AI, End-to-End ML Pipelines with KubeFlow and TensorFlow Extended (TFX)

Functional Programming

Another core theme, and belief, in our communities is correctness by design, abstractions liberating from boilerplate, and functional programming solutions to the life’s hardest problems through referential transparency, immutability, and thoughtful reasoning about systems across the stack. We see full-stack application of FP across languages and domains — language, radio, GUI, and databases.

Krzysztof Cieslak, Hacking F# in the JS ecosystem
James Earl Douglas, Functional Electromagnetism
Umayah Abdennabi, Grammarly,Thank you, next: Iterators
Oli Makhasoeva, Andy Scott, 47deg and Stripe, Recursion Schemes with Higherkindness
Rob Norris, Alexander Ioffe, Gemini and Nasdaq, Quill+Doobie == Better Together

Engineering Effectiveness

In order to master vast codebases, empower great teams and improve your own productivity and enjoyment of programming, we focus on where developers spend the bulk of their time — developing, compiling, tooling, and performance tuning. We hear from Twitter engineering effectiveness, JetBrains, the maker of the industry’s favorite IDE, dive into Scala Native, and see how Rust is affecting the backend ecosystem.

Danny McClanahan, Stu Hood, Twitter, Massively Parallel Distributed Scala Compilation… and You!
Justin Kaeser, JetBrains, Integrating Developer Experiences - Build Server Protocol and beyond
Richard Whaling, M1 Finance, A brief introduction to systems programming, with Scala Native
Evan Chan, Rust and Scala, Sitting in a Tree

These are just a few facets of Scale By the Bay 2019 — review the full schedule at and keep an eye for the updates!

Reserve your seat soon with the code MEETASTF15 for a 15% discount off of regular admission!

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