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AdvAWS: Immutable Deployments and Secure DevOps

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425 2nd St - Suite 210 · San Francisco, CA

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Walk up the stairs to the second floor.

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Another great line up for our March meetup:

Talk 1: Secure DevOps on AWS - John Martinez (
Creating a secure AWS environment isn't that hard. In fact, you may already be following some good practices in AWS as part of your DevOps processes. In this talk, we'll discuss some of the patterns that promote Security on AWS via your DevOps toolchain. Part code, part culture, we're sure to have a lively discussion on how getting secure isn't going to slow you down.

Other talks by John:

Talk 2: Immutable Deployments with CloudFormation (and Lambda) - Fabrizio Branca (
When designing a deployment process for the cloud "immutability" is a great concept and the obvious way to go. We'll talk a little bit about snowflakes, pets and cattle before we deep dive into how to manage and orchestrate infrastructure and the deployment process purely using CloudFormation (with a little help from AWS Lambda, for the "last mile").
I'll introduce you to the tooling and the visualizations we built to make handling CloudFormation stacks and parameters easier and how this is embedded into our Continuous Delivery workflow via Jenkins.
In addition to the actual deployments we also use CloudFormation (again with some Lambda support) to (half-)bake and manage AMIs and to spin up a fleet of load generators for JMeter stress tests - again, all fully automated and embedded into Jenkins jobs.


6:00pm Food and drinks by Cloudability
6:30pm Greetings & Announcements
6:45pm Talk 1: Secure DevOps on AWS
7:30pm Talk 2: Immutable Deployments
8:15pm Networking and maybe 1 more beer
9:00pm Get out of the building

Venue & Food/Drink Sponsor: Cloudability
Cloudability's Cloud Cost Management ( toolset helps companies monitor, optimize, and govern their AWS costs so they can grow their infrastructure more efficiently. From ops to finance, Cloudability allows everyone to get the AWS cost data they need, just the way they need it, across any number of AWS accounts.

Premium Sponsor: ThoughtWorks
We are 3000+ passionate technologists across the globe. We provide software delivery, pioneering tools and consulting for organizations with ambitious missions.
A commitment to software excellence and revolutionizing the IT industry is at the heart of what we do, and it shows in our products as well. At ThoughtWorks, we didn't just write the book on Continuous Delivery: we created the best build and deploy pipelines for both on-premise and cloud. Our tool GoCD ( is an open source Continuous Delivery server specializing in advanced workflow modeling. Snap CI ( is a Continuous Delivery tool with deployment pipelines to build, test and deploy in the cloud.

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