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Mount Siguniang- The Oriental Alps
Have you done your 4000m peaks? Up for more challenge? Or is mountain baggings your hobby? Come and join us for a journey to Mt Siguniang. This are definitely not a beginner hike as the journey is intense, tough and hard with at times unpredictable weathers element but if you are up for a challenge, come along! Siguniang national park at Sichuan boast some of the most beautiful sceneries, routes cutting through the valleys. The area is rich in Tibetan culture being a mishmash community of more than a dozen ethnic group. For our journey we will explore the Rilong town, scenic Changping Valley and attempt to summit the oldest and second sister of Siguniang peaks, Dafeng and Erfeng. Itinerary Summary Date: 13- 21 October 2018 Highest elevation: 5205masl (Dafeng) and 5276 masl (Erfeng) Team Size: 10-15 (Max) Land cost: SGD1600 Trail grading[masked] ***For more details about this trek, check out our website at*** **Looking to train for our tough hikes Join in for our training at Charlie Mike, get fit and tips on hiking propers Do Drop us a message if you have any question

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Trek For Hope was established in 2013 to provide opportunities to families that are struggling to survive in their own communities. As adventurers, trekkers, and photographers, we often noticed that the intense beauty of a community attracted many visitors to villages throughout the world, yet the people in those villages did not have enough money to feed their children.

Each footstep we leave is a legacy and the legacy of Trek For Hope is to provide the basic essentials that a village may not have.

Our Trek For Hope has received coverage on major publications like The Straits Times, U-Weekly, Zaobao, Singapore International Magazine, and What’s Up.

If outdoor adventures and volunteering work are your passion, we invite you to join us in our next Hope Trek!

We also have a Facebook community called The Adventure Village ( created in 2015 to provide our "Villagers" with updates about charitable work, activities, and it served as a place where those who participated in events could connect and share photos or start discussions.

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