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Join us to learn new ways of cooking and baking as well as explore cultural culinary secrets. There will be great opportunities to learn hands-on new cooking techniques, savor new flavors and meet people who love to prepare and eat all types of food. My good friends and I collectively know just enough to be dangerous in the kitchen. So whether you don't know jack about cooking or are a master chef, join us for food, fun and friendship. Some meetups will be geared toward couples, others singles, and the occasional meetup for parents and their children. Some meetups will be in a small group setting, others in large. Hence, a number of different venues exist to meet your diverse cooking needs.

Even though our first stop this year is Italy, our culinary travels will take us to other places like Mexico, Thailand, France, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Ethiopia, China, Morocco, Spain, and Greece to name a few, sprinkled here and there with American cuisine. For all those who join us at a meetup, recipes will be given for all the dishes we make so you can go home and share what you experienced with your family and friends. If you have suggestions for a meetup, feel free to post a message to the message board! And just in case you're wondering, my last name is really Cook :-)

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