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Adventurous Young Mazamas (AYM) offers outdoor activities year-round targeted to younger adults in their 20s & 30s and anyone who is young at heart. All activities are open EVERYONE eighteen and over who can safely participate in our events.


We're part of the Mazamas, a 501(c)(3) mountaineering nonprofit based in Portland. Events are sometimes posted to our facebook (http://fb.me/aymazamas). You can find a complete list of upcoming activities at http://mazamas.org/AYM . We offer adventures including camping, backpacking, cycling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and social events that relate to the outdoors.

No firearms, alcohol, smoking, vaping, or drugs are allowed on the trail at our events. Unless the leader of an event has specifically designated the event as a pet-friendly one, we do not allow pets.

We do charge small fees for most of our events. Fees go toward direct event costs and the services Mazamas provides including insurance, Meetup fees, facilities and support for events and leader training, and emergency assistance. We generally carpool to most outdoor events and expect passengers to contribute to the cost of transportation and any parking passes. Standard Mazamas rate is 10 cents/person/mile though contributions are at the discretion of drivers. HOWEVER, due to COVID-19, we are asking all participants to meet at the trailhead until further notice. Please see the Mazama COVID Policies (https://mazamas.org/media/doc/2020_07_20_CovidPolicies.pdf) for more information.

Leaders are volunteers and do not receive any portion of event fees. All AYM leaders have first aid and CPR training and have been vetted by our committee for their skills and experience. Participants must follow the instructions of leaders in order to protect group safety. Leaders reserve the right to exclude participants who are not adequately prepared or behave in ways that cause others discomfort or danger. We are always looking for new leaders! The first step to becoming one is to attend our events and talk to your leader about it.

Please treat other participants with respect and consideration. Many of our events have more people wishing to participate than we can accommodate. Please only RSVP yes if you are committed to attending. If you say you are coming and do not, or cancel at the last minute, you may be preventing others from participating. Participants who demonstrate a history of no-shows or last-minute cancellations without good cause may be removed from the group.

Meetup provides a platform for strangers to become friends through shared interests and activities. Part of building trust and friendship starts with using an identifiable profile picture of yourself so people know who you are and we can find each other, especially when meeting the first time. Leaders may choose not to allow participation by people who do not have a clearly identifiable picture.

This is a group to meet friends for outdoor adventures, not a dating site. Anyone who sends inappropriate messages or causes others to feel uncomfortable or unsafe may be removed from the group.

On social media, please follow us on Facebook (http://fb.me/aymazamas), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/aympdx/), and Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/14109245@N08/) where you can also see many pictures from our events.

Becoming an official Mazamas member is different from being a member of our Meetup group. To become a Mazamas member you must summit a qualifying glaciated peak and pay an annual membership fee. Mazamas member benefits include discounts on event fees, discounts at many Portland-area outdoor retailers, and subscription to the Mazama Bulletin published monthly.

Upcoming events (1)

AYM Climb Night at Movement (aka Planet Granite)!

Movement Portland


Hey everyone, we're bringing back AYM Climb Night (yay!!!!!!!!!)!!!

Climb Night is open to everyone (Mazama members and non-members), regardless of age or climbing ability. You'll be required to be belayed certified if you plan on rope climbing (please note that most people who who come to climb night have been top roping or lead climbing a couple of times). We'll meet at 6:00pm in the retail entrance area of Movement (by the benches!); we'll do a quick round of introductions and pair off belay partners. There will also be the option for some post-climb drinks/food at nearby bar if people are interested (totally optional)! If you cannot meet us at 6:00, just come look for us around the gym (I look like my profile pic sans doggo)

Parking Tips:
--Car parking can be tricky (especially if you're looking for non-metered parking), but it is available!
--Bike parking is available in front of the building, as well as on the north side of the building

What to Bring:
--Membership card or money for day pass
--Harness & climbing shoes (rentals available)
--Belay device and rope if lead climbing (must be certified)
--MASK --- please follow proper COVID guidelines!!!! Do not come if you're feeling sick


Movement Fine Print Info
--Rules (https://movementgyms.com/portland/).
--For Newbies
--Waiver (you'll need to sign if you've never been; you can fill it out online!) https://movementgyms.com/waiver/)
--Getting belay certified: If you already know how to belay but need to get certified at Movement, plan on arriving before 6pm and ask a staff member to take the test.

While AYM leaders can give climbing tips, this event is NOT where you learn to climb. You can take introductory lessons from local gyms or learn to climb in Mazamas Basic Climbing Education Program in the spring.


Adventurous Young Mazamas (AYM) offers outdoor activities year-round targeted to younger adults in their 20s & 30s and anyone who is young at heart. All activities are open EVERYONE eighteen and over who can safely participate in our events.

If you are interested in hiking with us as well, learn more here: https://mazamas.org/AYM/ . We also host monthly pub nights as a social event to meet other like-minded folks in the hiking and climbing community.

If you RSVP, please plan on attending. No-shows are frowned upon and may be denied participation in future events. Similarly, last-minute cancellations prevent someone interested in a spot from attending. Thank you for your consideration.

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AYM: Ecola State Park (dog friendly)

Needs a location