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Hi, Welcome to the Aerial Arts group of Palo Alto and neighboring communities. Aerialists, beginning aerialists, and aerial lovers are welcome to join this group. Aerial Silk, Aerial Rope, Trapeze, Aerial Straps are among those many aerial disciplines mostly performed at circuses. Aerial is a workout in all respects, but considered art, like ballet, with a touch of breathtaking tricks requiring body strength, flexibility and stamina. Although being born and performed in circuses, the Aerial Art is now brought up on the stages of all kind of events and becoming popular as fitness and recreational activity at all levels. We mostly use aerial silks, aerial rope, trapeze and aerial straps to perform our workout. The aerial silk is a very long band of fabric, made of polyester or nylon; the rope is mostly made of tick cotton fibers, the trapeze is made by a solid metal bar (about an inch thick) covered with a special tape, and supported by two ropes attached to the bar by two thick connectors (elbows) covered with suede; the straps are like two belts usually made of cotton or a mix of cotton/polyester and ending with two handles. Each of these elements can be rigged 15, 20, 50, or more feet high on a solid rigging point. Aerial is a very, very fun art (or sport) to practice and requires persistence and training time to obtain the achieved results. This group focuses on sharing skills and practicing on aerial silks, rope, straps and trapeze, having fun, creating a wider aerial dance repertoire, working on conditioning to build up some stamina, and choreographing for aerial dance acts. We recommend you do an intense floor warm-up before working on the aerial apparatus. This Meetup group usually meets outdoor at the community parks in Palo Alto, where we do our workout. The outdoor meetings do not function as classes, unless they are specifically listed as classes. Members are welcome to use our apparatuses, or bring their own. The aerial equipment can be easily purchased online from our sponsors. We also teach classes, practice and perform indoor at the gym in Menlo Park. Our indoor classes are listed on the City of Menlo Park Activity Guide. Because of the COVID-19 we are not scheduling any outdoor meeting. Our gym is temporary closed and it will reopen on July 2021. If you wish to schedule an outdoor private aerial class, please, drop us a message. There will be waivers of liability to sign. Since members will use our equipment, learn new skills and exercise routines, you are welcome to chip in into our on-site donation box to help us pay the Meetup.com monthly fees and to keep up the group. Thank you for joining us. See you soon! :)

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