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This is a perfect group for the bird watcher, the nature lover and outdoor enthusiast! Our group will have meet ups throughout the year with activities and conversations surrounding conservation, restoration and protection of our ecosystems with special focus on birds here in Minnesota! This is a great way to learn more about conservation in your own backyard, connect with others that also have an appreciation for birds and the ecosystems they rely on, and last but not least this is a great way to stay active and involved in your community through special habitat restoration projects! What a great way to have fun while making a positive impact!

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Exploring the Powerful Vision of Raptors

1700 NE 2nd St

Have you ever heard that a Red-tailed Hawk can see eight times better than a person, or that if you could see like a Red-tail you would be able to read a newspaper on the other end of a football field? These mind boggling facts permeate the internet, but are they true? How well do raptors actually see and how can scientists determine the power of a raptor's vision. This presentation will explore the anatomy of the raptor eye, explain research techniques vision scientists use to determine raptor visual acuity, and describe accurate ranges of how well raptors see based on size. You will be blown away by the powerful sight of raptors, as well as the fascinating behind-the-scenes look at vision science research. Our presenter for this program is Mike Billington, the Education Program Manager of The Raptor Center, University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine.

MN's Bird-Friendly Communities: What is a BFC & how can we help?

People living in communities large and small across the Minnesota landscape play an important role in creating healthy environments for birds, people, and diverse ecosystems. Life as a wild bird isn't easy and we can all do our part to help reduce the dangers that birds face throughout the year. We can restore and reconnect these places. We can reestablish the ecological functions of our cities and towns. We can provide essential, safe habitat for birds. We can choose native plants when we landscape our yards, neighborhood parks, and public spaces. With these simple acts, everyone can help make their community bird-friendly. Katie Burns of Audubon Minnesota will be presenting on the topic of bird-friendly communities, highlighting what a bird-friendly community looks like as well as the many ways that communities can come together to stimulate positive social change for the benefit of birds and people. Katie will spotlight Audubon Minnesota's Bird City program and tell you how you can make sure your community is recognized as an official Bird City in Minnesota!

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