What we're about

Vision - Our vision is to be the largest member Agile User Group in Atlanta within the next 3 years.

Mission - Our Mission is to unite the Atlanta Agile Community. With Atlanta being such a dispersed area we are focused on looking for new ways to bring the community together.

Goal: Since our inception our primary location has been Home Depot's Store Support Center which has been a great location. This year our goal is to bring an Agile Roadshow to the community. This means we want to bring quality speakers to different locations throughout the city. We feel doing this will be of greater value to the community.

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Agile for Distributed Teams

The Queen building

The Agile Manifesto calls for us to work face to face, but that is not always feasible for a number of reasons. Josh and Michelle will talk through a few simple, practical things you can to make your distributed teams more effective. While this discussion is focused on development teams, the concepts can improve all of your dispersed meetings regardless of who is involved. Josh is the owner of PIVOT Agile and has impacted Agile adoption at many companies including The Coca-Cola Company, Equifax, Anthem, and L Brands. Michelle is a Senior Agile Coach at Eliassen Group with a passion for helping teams and trains succeed in their Agile journeys. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jwkite/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/mwebb99/

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Everything you wanted to know about DevOps w/ Claire Moss

Home Depot Store Support Center

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