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We're a meetup for Agile enthusiasts of all kinds! Meet other local people interested in or currently practicing Agile methods of software/product development. We have monthly speakers and discussions covering relevant topics and challenges in the Agile world, both in software, project and product management, and beyond. Whoever comes are the right people, whatever happens is the only thing that could have.

The group meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

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The Drama Triangle

Markit Digital

Abstract: Dysfunctional patterns of handling conflict sabotage trust and lead to the sort of individualistic culture that prevents true and lasting Agile transformation. The Drama Triangle is a well-established model that describes what underlies such unhealthy dynamics. Luckily, there are things you can learn to break the pattern, with spectacular results for yourself, your team, and your entire organization. The "Breaking Out of the Drama Triangle" workshop introduces you to these basic concepts with some practical takeaways you can apply immediately. Bio: A dozen years ago, Greg received his Scrum Master cert after training with Jean Tabaka and was finally able to apply a label to how he worked. Through professional and personal growth spanning many decades, Greg brings his entire self to the goal of helping folks work together to produce amazing software that enriches people’s lives. People tell him he needs to use the title "Agile Coach" to describe his work, so he willingly obliges.

Put the Shine Back in Lackluster Retrospectives

Markit Digital

Abstract: Retrospectives can oftentimes become repetitive and tedious, lacking meaningful engagement and productivity that they were originally intended to foster. By implementing creative practices and adding a little fun to this crucial Agile ceremony, your teams can develop a basis for increased productivity, teamwork, and long-term success. Join this interactive workshop to learn from a Scrum Master expert who has curated his most tried-and-true best practices from over 7 years of facilitating retrospectives. In addition, you will gain hands-on experience with a couple of creative and fun retrospective formats that you can try with your teams (think Lego!). Bio: After too many years working under the waterfall model, Todd had an epiphany attending Agile 2007 and has been flying in the Agile world ever since. Todd is a Sr. Scrum Master working with the Rally Software product teams at Broadcom. He has a passion for retrospectives and helping teams work better and brings 10+ years of experience to the table. When he is not doing ‘Agile’ things, he is herding cats at home in the form of family and actual cats, all five of them!

The Dos and Don'ts of Interpreting Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Jason Hill presents his Mile High Agile 2020 candidate talk on understanding cumulative flow diagrams. Abstract: Introduction to reading a cumulative flow diagram (CFD), explaining how they are made and what they show. He will share insights around some of the patterns that can be found in a team's CFD. Finally, he will discuss some items that cannot be found in a CFD with examples of why certain metrics (e.g., cycle times) should be looked for elsewhere. Bio: Before he left academia, Jason's background and research was in computational mathematics. He left academia in 2013 and worked as a software engineer and then as a data scientist. He is currently a principal data scientist at Rally and leads the data science work on Rally's "Smart CFD" and "Planalytics" initiatives. In his spare time, he helps rescue and care for abused elephants in southeast Asia.

Product Manager vs. Product Owner: A Story of Rivals to Allies

For our August Meetup, we are pleased to be joined by William Kammersell (Curriculum Product Manager at Scaled Agile) and Lieschen Gargano (Scrum Master at Scaled Agile) for an informative talk covering the balance between Product Owners and Product Managers. Abstract: The weight of aligning your business to your customers' needs is too much for one person. SAFe defines a focused and crucial collaboration between Product Managers and Product Owners to ensure that strategy and execution are in alignment. Using stories from our careers and the field, we will look at common pitfalls for this collaboration and identify tools and techniques to excel at these linchpin roles. Learning Objectives: - Explain the importance of having both a product manager and product owner in their organization - Identify the common tensions and issues that can arise between these two roles - Define an action plan for improvement in these two roles

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