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What we’re about

Passionate Practising Agilists in Singapore are invited to join the Agile Circles Community for events!!

We host both online and face-to-face events

Agile Circles Singapore is a sister meet-up group to Agile Circles Malaysia and Agile Circles Indonesia - it is powered by Ekipa Consultancy.

Agile Circles enable you to share, learn and collaborate with other experienced Agile practitioners.

Join us at an event - with your latest Agile / Agility challenges, or experiences!

Agile Circles is a Community for passionate Agilists in Singapore

We take guidance from the following
• Respect: What you share in your circle, stays in that circle. We aim to create a safe environment to discuss the things that really matter to you
• Openness: We share what’s in our hearts and minds
• Focus: we timebox our meeting. The coach is a great facilitator. We speak from experience instead of giving advice (Gestalt)
• Self Organisation: the circle members self-organise. It's valuable to start with a planning session, work in focused time boxes and do a retrospective.

Please feel free to share this meet-up group with other like-minded Agilist in Singapore and do check out our upcoming events.