What we're about

Passionate Practising Agilists in Singapore are invited to join the Agile Circles Community for events!!

We host both online and face-to-face events

Agile Circles Singapore is a sister meet-up group to Agile Circles Malaysia and Agile Circles Indonesia - it is powered by Ekipa Consultancy.

Agile Circles enable you to share, learn and collaborate with other experienced Agile practitioners.

Join us at an event - with your latest Agile / Agility challenges, or experiences!

Agile Circles is a Community for passionate Agilists in Singapore

We take guidance from the following
• Respect: What you share in your circle, stays in that circle. We aim to create a safe environment to discuss the things that really matter to you
• Openness: We share what’s in our hearts and minds
• Focus: we timebox our meeting. The coach is a great facilitator. We speak from experience instead of giving advice (Gestalt)
• Self Organisation: the circle members self-organise. It's valuable to start with a planning session, work in focused time boxes and do a retrospective.

Please feel free to share this meet-up group with other like-minded Agilist in Singapore and do check out our upcoming events.

Past events (20)

Healthy Conflict and Empowerment for High Performance

This event has passed

How to Delight Your Customers by Learning to Cultivate Real Value

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How one of the world's biggest banks has adapted over time and cultures

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How to Lead and Build a High Performing Remote Team

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