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What we’re about

Agile Coffee San Diego: We are a gathering of curious and insightful Agile & Lean practitioners and we're passionate about uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it!
This learning community was started to regularly bring agile practitioners in San Diego together for knowledge, discussion, and networking using the Lean Coffee model of democratic, collaborative, agenda-free meetings. Agile Coffee San Diego is a Scrum Alliance sponsored usergroup and members pursuing Scrum Alliance certification tracks (e.g., CSP) earn SEUs for attending.

Agile Coffee San Diego is not a series of lecture events. Gatherings are not driven by PowerPoint, content is not pre-determined, and every attendee participates in their own comfortable way due to the structure of Lean Coffee. In short, sessions are not passive... and the content is democratically selected by participants using the Agile principle of value prioritization.

Whether you attend to network, learn, teach, or simply make new friends, come join us and expand the influence of agile in San Diego!