Agile Design Systems with Miriam Suzanne

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Agile Denver
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**** Please park in the parking garage located just north-east of the Galvanize main entrance. Once in Galvanize, please take the elevator down to the basement level****

In an agile process, it becomes particularly important to get designers and developers working in sync – even as they have very different requirements. Style Guides & Pattern Libraries are great tools for documenting the relationships between code and design, but beautiful docs are only half the battle. How can we build patterns directly into our code, using templates and pre-processors to automate living design systems in an agile and integrated process?

We’ll talk about…
- Integrating the different needs of clients, users, designers, and developers into a tight process
- Developing and testing patterns over time, to improve the process as you go
- Using frameworks and pre-processors to create clear and meaningful patterns in code
- Designing and integrating toolkits that force pattern-making, without locking you in
- Examples of what we’ve done at OddBird: where we’ve failed, and where we’re headed

About Miriam Suzanne

Miriam is a co-founder at OddBird, with 15 years experience as a project manager, user-experience designer, and front-end architect. She is the creator of Susy, True, and other popular open source tools — author of SitePoint’s Jump Start Sass, and staff-writer for CSS Tricks. Miriam also creates music with Teacup Gorilla, theater with Grapefruit Lab, and visual art for albums, book-covers, and galleries. She won the 2017 True West Award for the stage adaptation: 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products, and presents at conferences around the world on art, code, collaboration, and creative process.