User Unfriendly with Miriam Suzanne!


**** NOTE THE LOCATION CHANGE - WE WILL MEET AT GALVANIZE - GOLDEN TRIANGLE (1062 Delaware St). There is parking on the street around Galvanize. ****

User Unfriendly: A project-manager’s reflections on human-centered problem-solving, client communication, and user feedback in agile web development.

The web is more than a technology platform, it was created with a mission statement. Design, code, and process trends also come with attached philosophies – and they aren’t always friendly to the user. We’ll talk about our human-centered approach to product-design, transparent client communication, learning to understand user-feedback, and designing for edge-cases with integrated teams.

- An overview of the philosophy behind the web
- How the medium influences what we make, and how we work
- Understanding “open” and “opinionated” philosophies
- Understanding (and seeking-out) user-feedback, without sacrificing vision
- How we integrate developers and designers in tight feedback cycles
- How we talk to clients about design choices

About Miriam Suzanne

Miriam is a co-founder at OddBird, with 15 years experience as a project manager, user-experience designer, and front-end architect. She is the creator of Susy, True, and other popular open source tools — author of SitePoint’s Jump Start Sass, and staff-writer for CSS Tricks. Miriam also creates music with Teacup Gorilla, theater with Grapefruit Lab, and visual art for albums, book-covers, and galleries. She won the 2017 True West Award for the stage adaptation: 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products, and presents at conferences around the world on art, code, collaboration, and creative process.