What we're about

Agile Northants was founded by Muhammad Meghji in March 2016 growing very quickly to what is now 900+ members

The main focus is to bring like-minded individuals together to learn from guest speakers and facilitators and share their wealth of knowledge and experience within the software industry on all things Agile.

We aims to deliver "value" on a monthly basis by providing thought provoking talks, workshops and group reflections/discussions by renowned speakers, authors and thought leaders in the field of Agile.

Agile Northants user group attracts between 30-45 Agile enthusiasts monthly.

To date, Agile Northants has delivered 40+ events consistently over the last 4+ years and is also hosted by other dedicated members of the group including David Boyd, Tom James, Mike Herring, Tim Squelch and Imran Jamadar.

Upcoming events (5)

Using Inquiry to Tackle Wicked Problems by Geoff Watts & Donna Marie Lee

The Main Event
Title: Using Inquiry to tackle Wicked Problems by Geoff Watts & Donna Marie Lee
Synopsis: Do your issues feel too big to solve? Do you find some big issues coming back time and again in different guises? Are you stuck and don’t know what else to try? We call these “wicked problems” and we would like to share with you the tool of Inquiry to help you tackle them.

About Donna Marie Lee:
Donna Marie Lee is a Human Systems Dynamics Professional and agile coach working in Tokyo, Japan. She is an agile coach by day, the organiser of the HSD Asia Chapter in the evenings and a software engineer on the weekends.

About Geoff Watts:
Geoff Watts is an agile coach and the author of 5 books (and counting). He straddles the world of agile coaching and professional coaching and is also a co-creator of ORGANIC agility with Andrea Tomasini and Dave Snowden.

Lightning Talk
Title: Major Coaching Models by Imran Jamadar

Many people perceive coaching as a simple and easy task. However it is far from true. Thus in an effort to make it a success, one can utilize different coaching models and techniques. The use of effective coaching models is imperative to ensuring coaching sessions are as targeted as possible.
In this talk Imran will give a brief introduction of the 5 major models.

About Imran Jamadar:
Imran is an Agile Coach and Trainer having a developer background. Imran started working as a Java developer and soon developed a liking for everything Agile. From working as a Scrum Master to a Release Train Engineer to an Agile Coach, he has varied industry experience with various domains like Banking, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Energy. He thinks that everyday brings a new learning opportunity.

An Event (TBC) with Agile Improv

Online event

Title: Coming Soon
Synopsis: Coming Soon

An Event (TBC) with Tobias Mayer

Online event

Title: Coming Soon
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Event (TBC) with Cognitive Edge and Dave Snowden

Online event

Title: Coming Soon
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