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Mini-Coderetreat, Refactoring Kata
Target Audience: Software developers Code Retreat ( is a day-long coding dojo where you enter a safe environment to try stuff out, make mistakes and learn with others. It’s a breathing space where the focus is not on delivering solutions, but rather on being aware of what you actually do when you produce code, and how to improve that process. [1] Since we don't have one full day, we miniaturized it and thus, Mini-CodeRetreat. The exercise is Tennis Refactoring Kata ( It comes with code and test in various programming languages. The goal is to improve the code by removing code smells and apply design principles where it fits. ### Pre-requisites You're expected to code! =) Please study the code (check if it has your preferred language), bring your laptop with favourite development environment along with the code repository set up. If the test passed, it means you're ready for the session. Please bring your Identity Card along to exchange pass for entering the building. Registration is strictly closed by 12 July. ### Agenda We'll do a maximum of 3 rounds of 25 mins each and switch pairs every round. Please be on time! 6:45pm - Drinks and snacks 7:00pm - Short Introduction to Refactoring 7:15pm - Round 1 7:40pm - Retrospective, break & switch pairs 7:50pm - Round 2 8:15pm - Retrospective, break & switch pairs 8:25pm - Round 3 8:50pm - Retrospective and closing [1] The Coding Dojo Handbook by Emily Bache

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