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This is the Meetup site for the Agile community in Singapore based on the manifesto for Agile software development (http://agilemanifesto.org). The purpose is to level up the community on better ways of developing software/products.

For online discussion about Agile development, please use the Google Groups forum (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/agilesingapore). You may also find the community website at http://agilesingapore.org .

You may also read a brief history of the community at this medium post (https://medium.com/@newpossibility/a-memory-lane-of-the-agile-community-in-singapore-part-1-dfaf56f99dd5).

Upcoming events (2)

STACK 2020 Developers Conference

Online event

Join us at STACK 2020 and get ready to level up your tech know-how at Singapore’s largest government-led developers conference, designed for developers, programmers and technologists! Get your complimentary conference pass here: https://go.gov.sg/stack2020-extadvocates #GovTechSTACK

Software Modernisation: A Strategic Approach

Online event

(Brought to you by Agile Vietnam and Agile Singapore) Many organisations rely on strategic systems that are becoming harder and harder to maintain. The company is unhappy because features are taking longer to be built and they cannot react fast enough to market demands. Developers are unhappy because the code is messy and negatively affects their productivity. Testers are unhappy because of the volume of work and the impossible task of guaranteeing the quality of the software. Clients are becoming disenchanted because of the lack of quality and low frequency of updates. Strategic software cannot become a burden to the organisation – they need to remain strategic and continuously enable business agility. In this talk, Sandro will describe a strategic approach to software modernisation that allows business and technology to work together towards a common goal. Sandro Mancuso Software Craftsmanship pioneer, co-founder of Codurance, author of The Software Craftsman, and founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC). Sandro started his career in 1996 in Brazil and moved to London in 2004. Having worked for software consultancies for most of his career, Sandro worked in a very diverse set of projects, companies and technologies. Being part of the international Agile community since its early days and one of the pioneers of the Software Craftsmanship movement, Sandro is often invited to speak at conferences around the world to share his passion for well-crafted code, architecture and business agility. Sandro believes we can do much better as an industry and is highly committed to doing his share to raise our professional bar.

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