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This group is for and by Agile practitioners who are looking to share experiences and learn how to improve their work, products and organizations using a range of Agile Methods. Through a mix of speakers, panels and facilitated discussions, this group will talk about Agile from big to small, from code to test, from concept to cash, from discover to deliver.

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Working Without Estimates

Fort Tectoria, VIATEC

Talk Overview If you had to pick the most painful thing about your software projects there’s a good chance it might be estimation. The jokes about estimates and their value are endless, but the idea of launching a project or running a business without them seems insane. Does it have to be this way? In this episode of our agile meetup I want to try two things: First, let’s have some fun talking about the challenges of estimation and why it may not always be valuable. Then we’ll move on to some practical methods I’ve found for working without estimates while still providing the forecasts the business needs. About Bruce Rennie Bruce is a long time software developer who became involved in his first agile project in 1998. For the past twenty years Bruce has worked exclusively with agile teams as XP coach, Scrum Master, and general troublemaker and asker-of-questions. Having moved to Vancouver Island after retiring just this year, Bruce is looking forward to paying back a little to the agile community by sharing some of his experiences.

Agile Victoria TBD

Fort Tectoria, VIATEC

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The Hard Realities of Agile Transformations

Fort Tectoria, VIATEC

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