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What we’re about

Agile Xpertise provides a unique environment for members to explore Agile ways of working from a transformational perspective.  We seek to discover and explore what it is that makes Agile the leading methodology in town.
Our group creates a platform where people can learn, discover, share, innovate and grow to be a leader of change and learn ways to creatively break silos within their organisation using Agile.

Our ambition is to;

1. Build a community where members create one of the best in class for learning.

2. Share methods that help resolve team delivery, business and development challenges.

3. Introduce new speakers, deliver coaching around new ways of working and creating a safe space to speak out and ask questions.

4. Develop experiential activities through, workshops, webinars, demos, talks, interviews and courses in a bid to change the way we think about delivery.
5. Lead the way towards delivering fun, inspiring, innovative solutions for you to take away.

Join the future of change and get involved.
We look forward to welcoming you soon.


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