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#play14 presents: It's not about the game… It’s about learning.
Details #play14 presents: It's not about the game… It’s about learning Playing games and using dynamic exercises has become common with Agile, much to our benefit as they empower learning through experience. When we follow with a debrief, we help our participants explore their experiences to generate greater depth and insight. Unfortunately, debriefing is a skill that rarely focused on or taught. It is often neglected resulting in a practice that is fairly lackluster or worse, to essentially telling the participants “this is what you should have learned”, all but destroying the value of the experience in the first place. All is not lost! We at #play14 are here to help. Being a community that is oriented around experiential learning we felt the need to improve our ability to debrief so we designed a tool and some practices to achieve exactly that. Tonight we’d like to share the result with you: The Debriefing Cube. #play14 is a community of people who are passionate about using games professionally. We all come from different backgrounds, from Agile to the Arts but we all have one thing in common - a love of games as a means to educate, enlighten and coach. And event like #play14 allows us to meet several times a year in cities across the world to share games, knowledge and network and the best part is that we take all these learnings back home and re-use within our own teams / organisations. About the Facilitators: Chris Caswell A proactive, principle-centred evangelist of the Agile philosophy, Chris is passionate about driving continuous improvement and collaboration to improve Agile ways of working. Chris uses a combination of personal coaching, workshops, training and games to help solve problems across organisations, within teams and with individuals. Elle Gundersen Elle is passionate about changing the way people work through facilitation, communication and enablement. She believes that collaboration, customer-centricity and an Agile culture will improve any organisation and the engagement of their people. She believes that the best way to change a culture is to help people to discover it for themselves and using games and experiences is the best way to make that happen. Agenda: 18:30 - Refreshments and Networking 19:00 - #play14 - Workshop 20:00 - Q&A


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    Agile is a time boxed, iterative approach to product development in which the product is built incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end.

    Why Agile 101?

    Agile adoption is on the rise and as a result the need for skilled Agile practitioners is very high. Unfortunately, most people can’t justify the cost of a professional course to their employers so they are forced to read a few books or even worse, they just "wing it" and say they are "doing Agile".

    You cannot "do Agile" but you can definitely "become Agile" over time with the right foundation and lots of practice. Professional courses and books are a good start but are not enough.

    Our Aim

    To really be Agile you need to understand the Agile values and principles. Our aim is to help bridge the Agile knowledge gap .

    We welcome everyone who wants to really understand the values and principles of Agile and also get an overview of the most popular methodologies (Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban, etc).

    Our events will be interactive and experiential with lots of audience participation to guarantee you learn something new each time and also have lots of fun in the process.

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    We are always looking for speakers to share their knowledge and passion for Agile with the community. If you want to speak or facilitate a workshop or host a session, please contact us.

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