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Why Lean Matters?
Are you experiencing some difficulties in your Agile adoption? Do you think this is just another management hype or find other people in your organization who think so? Come and join us in this presentation in order to have a look at Lean, its profound roots and why this is different from anything else you know and also, how it sustains many concepts and principles of other Agile approaches. For more info (and very specially if you are coming) please have a look at the following videos, as introductory material for this session: WHY LEAN MATTERS - THINKING IN LEAN - and of course, the classic from Henrik Kniberg on Spotify Culture - About our facilitator Fernando Guigou is Uruguayan and Italian, graduated from the Universidad de la República (Uruguay) and has worked in large companies in Uruguay, Argentina, Germany and Switzerland, where he lives now. After years working for companies like Telefónica, Siemens, UBS, Credit Suisse, etc. he was always skeptical regarding traditional management theories and preferred to stay on the technical path ... until 2007. This year, after reading "Lean Software Development" from Mary & Tom Poppendieck, he started following their work, books and workshops and discovered the theory that formally expresses all his intuitions on common-sense practices that were successful. His first large system for example, was put in production in 1991 and is still in use today, without touching a single line of code. It was intuitively built based on these principles. Fernando is now the CEO and Principal Lean Consultant of Synchronit GmbH, a swiss-based company specialized on Lean Consulting and Implementation, as well as offering Agile Teams for development abroad, based on a particular model: Contact or follow him at

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    Agile is a time boxed, iterative approach to product development in which the product is built incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end.

    Why Agile 101?

    Agile adoption is on the rise and as a result the need for skilled Agile practitioners is very high. Unfortunately, most people can’t justify the cost of a professional course to their employers so they are forced to read a few books or even worse, they just "wing it" and say they are "doing Agile".

    You cannot "do Agile" but you can definitely "become Agile" over time with the right foundation and lots of practice. Professional courses and books are a good start but are not enough.

    Our Aim

    To really be Agile you need to understand the Agile values and principles. Our aim is to help bridge the Agile knowledge gap .

    We welcome everyone who wants to really understand the values and principles of Agile and also get an overview of the most popular methodologies (Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban, etc).

    Our events will be interactive and experiential with lots of audience participation to guarantee you learn something new each time and also have lots of fun in the process.

    Want to host a session?

    We are always looking for speakers to share their knowledge and passion for Agile with the community. If you want to speak or facilitate a workshop or host a session, please contact us.

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