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This is how we deliver software at e-conomic

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Continuous Delivery warstories - Allan Ebdrup, Team & tech-lead debitoor

This talk is an honest tale about how we moved from 14 day sprints to Continuous Delivery, deploying to production up to 10 times a day, on the debitoor teams at e-conomic.

- The benefits of Continuous Delivery.

- How we made the change.

- The development process we use

- Our usage of Source Control (git), Continuous Integration (teamcity), Continuous Procurement (custom built), Managing tasks (

There will be tales about how we screwed up and what worked really well for us.

The talk is about what we did and what worked for us - you can most likely not copy it 1:1, but you can take parts of it and make it your own on your team. Or you can just hang back and listen to a good story.

Networking and discussion time

After Allan's talk, we open up for discussions and networking.



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Langebrogade 1, bygning A, 1411 København K. · Copenhagen
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