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Welcome to #AgilityLab in Copenhagen! (http://www.agilitylab.dk)

Our purpose it to organize great meetups about agile and lean in the Copenhagen area.

#AgilityLab is the place to experiment with and explore new ideas and concepts related to agile in the context of complex knowledge work. And to spread information and share experiences about what good agile can do and how you make it work.

As an active member you can organize any meetup you want about agile and lean. See our policy below.

If you have an idea for a meetup and like to have some help, then please get in touch.

Please help us promote the meetups and the group to your friends and colleagues!

See you at a meetup soon!

Morten Elvang
#42stc (http://www.42stc.com)

Short cut to group: http://www.agilitylab.dk . Hash-tag used: #AgilityLab. We also have a LinkedIn group: Agility Lab Copenhagen (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Agility-Lab-Copenhagen-5141251/about) and a Facebook page: AgilityLab (http://www.facebook.com/AgilityLab)



• Events are as a principle free to attend, but there can be exceptions if agreed with the organizers.

• Promotional offers are great, but only if communicated through one of the organizers. This includes if you want to push invitations from other organizations.

• We reserve the right to moderate. You are welcome to make contact before setting up a meetup or with any other matter if you are in doubt about the policy.

• #AgilityLab is sponsored and run by private professionals.

• #AgilityLab is open and free to join.

• We are always happy to support experiments, research and students with relevant topics.

• You are welcome to challenge this policy - please do so before breaking it.


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SAFe vs DevOps - Like oil and water or a match made in heaven?

(We found a host - details TBC soonest - THANK YOU!) ====== Title: SAFe vs DevOps - Like oil and water or a match made in heaven? Is DevOps and Large Scale Agile (SAFe) like oil and water? Or are they a match made in heaven? During this meetup the DevOps and SAFe worlds are merged in a one massive evening mashup. One of Sweden's experts scaling agile will together with the audience explore how these two worlds can meet and what that means for your enterprise agility! Being a bit longer than usual, this meetup is not a straight lecture and not just a standard presentation either. What you will experience is an interactive session and you will be engaged in group work throughout the evening! Welcome! Presenter: Carl Starendal is a SAFe SPCT and partner with BestBrains Academy. Carl is this week delivering an Implementing SAFe (SPC) class at the BestBrains office in Copenhagen (https://bestbrainsacademy.com/course/safe_spc_copenhagen_april2019/) Who should join? Target audience is anyone who has been involved in establishing a flow based software delivery way of working across silos and organizational borders. Particularly those who feels the frustration of not reaching all the way, not being able to release the full potential of the transformation, either going from idea to code or from code to cash. Agenda: 17:30-18:00 Welcome & mingle 18:00-18:30 Welcome and introduction to the meetup/mashup 18:30-19:30 Presentation - Differences between SAFe/LSA (Large Scale Agile) and DevOps (concept to code vs. code to cash) - Solution/Value Stream/Portfolio - PI/Program/Feature - Stories/Iterations - Testing/Environments/Deployment - Release - How do you begin?/What is the first step? 19:30-20:30 Discussions 20:30 Closing/Feedback 21:00 For those who want to continue discussion: Beers/Soft drinks/Food at a place nearby - self-organization rules!

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