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This is a running group for people who are looking for others to run with. All levels are welcome, however distances usually start at around 4-6 miles, with longer distances available for those looking for more training mileage. Most folks in the group are training at paces between 8 and 12 minutes per mile.

This group emphasizes trail running and we run natural, unpaved trail surfaces whenever situations permit, such as weather, trail conditions, and lighting. Please review the calendar details for more information about routes for the given day and time. Some venues allow choice with respect to natural or man-made surfaces.

Some of the advantages of trail running are; no cars, nice scenery, and a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the group's goals are...

• To provide a variety of days and times to meet for running.

• To provide safe and convenient locations to meet for running.

• To work together to plan routes and distances based on your training goals and abilities.

• Locations that offer a variety of surfaces and scenery around town and also at regional state parks.

• Times that accommodate busy schedules.

• Promote healthy lifestyles.

Just communicate to the organizers what days, times, and locations work best for you. And let the organizers know what distances you are interested in running so we can plan routes to accommodate your needs and abilities.

All routes planned through this group will be...

• On trails or in safe residential areas. We will avoid routes that are on busy highways or on main thoroughfares.

• Single loops or out and back runs. We will avoid multiple loop runs on short loops.

In keeping with the example of other quality organizations I’ve worked with, I added some ground rules for the group…

Ground rules…

• No one gets left behind. We all start together, but we may not all run together at the same speed, the whole time. Someone will always be there at the end to greet the last runner or to run back to meet them and run in with them.

• Support the event organizers by confirming RSVP's in advance, being timely, and supporting and promoting the planned event.

• Treat other group members politely and with respect.

• It hasn't been an issue, and hopefully never will be, but as with any group, harassment of any type or form will not be tolerated. If anyone experiences harassing behavior, please let me or one of the other organizers know and I give my word that it will be dealt with quickly, discreetly, and professionally.

• New member profiles won't be approved without an actual picture.

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