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What we’re about


Some of the group's goals are...

• Promote healthy lifestyles and develop friendships. <br>

• To provide a social workout environment that may change with the season.

• To have flexibility to accommodate all fitness levels.

• To NOT separate from other groups, but instead encourage community and acceptance.

Ground rules… <br>

• The Golden Rule -

• Support the event organizers by confirming RSVP's in advance, being timely, and supporting and promoting the planned event.

• Treat other group members politely and with respect.

• It hasn't been an issue, and hopefully never will be, but as with any group, harassment of any type or form will not be tolerated. If anyone experiences harassing behavior, please let me or one of the other organizers know and I give my word that it will be dealt with quickly, discreetly, and professionally.

• New member profiles won't be approved without an actual picture. <br>