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Hey there! My name is Alex and I love D&D and beer. I've been organizing games for a decade now, and I wanted to make a network of players and DMs who can start up games around Phoenix and have some fun together.

The group itself is all about working together to have fun and make some great memories together. If that sounds like your kind of scene, feel free to join and sit in on one of the games. =D

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Monday DnD 5e, Modern Gods

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We're on Discord for the next few weeks until Covid-19 is over. See you all online. https://discord.gg/zkaQvmf https://moderngods.obsidianportal.com/ Modern Gods is a DnD 5e campaign set in the modern world where just behind the veil of reality as we know it is a land of myth and legend. The player characters are the half-blood decedents of gods, monsters, or heroes of the past. Campaign starts in a magical college and eventually graduates to a Neil Gamin - American Gods style plot line. Current Level 8 Starting Character creation: Point buy stats Optional Rules: Firearms: yes Feats: yes Multi-classing: yes Inspiration: modified luck/hero point system Flanking: modified flat +1 to hit and damage. UA and Home brew: Sure with the understanding there may be changes even after the character has been played if I don't feel it is working out in the game.

Tuesday night 5th edition D&D adventure. (FULL)

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New-player friendly game/group. Meet weekly Tuesday evenings. DM created, homebrew world and maybe a few house rules (we can vote on whether to use some house rules or not, I'm fine either way). Like many D&D adventures, this one begins in a tavern. But the tavern is not merely some local watering hole in some fantasy kingdom. No, this is the Crossroads Tavern located far out in the desert plains of Marak. The closest known modicum of civilization is a small farming community about 3 days travel to the south. Otherwise, this lonely little inn out in the middle of sand and sky and nothing, is the only freestanding structure along the two desert roads that intersect out front. As adventurers, you have already traveled far outside of your homeland and any sign of settled lands. This inn is merely a rest stop along the North to South, and East to West running roads that stretch almost the full length of the continent. What brought you out here on this journey? Which road did you arrive from and which one takes you to your quest? Are you trying to find something this far from civilization, or trying to not be found by the denizens of cities and kingdoms? There are many choices to make about who your character is and what brought them on such a long journey. Many more choices lay ahead...

Beginners DnD 5e

Discord Server - ModernGods

We're on Discord until Covid-19 is over. Join us on the ModernGods server. https://discord.gg/w6vuVZj • What we'll do This is an open set of DnD tables focusing on newer players to the DnD 5e, if you've been meaning to learn or are interested in playing 5e. All levels of experience are welcome. The game format is as close to a home game experience as possible with continuing story per week and leveling up from level 1 to 7. At 7th level we start a new campaign with new characters. This is open table so you are can jump in an drop out as you wish. • What to bring Paper, pencil, and dice (if you have them) We'll generally try to keep you with the same game runner. The goal is to try to keep groups to some smaller size for the best experience. PS: Also, recruiting GMs, if you are a GM willing to teach newer players we have players eager to learn. For those aspiring DMs in this group upon request I run a GM boot camp at the end of the session. http://running-the-game.wikia.com/wiki/D%26D_game_runners_toolkit

Wednesday Night 5e D&D

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Currently a full party, no room for additional players. Game is in DM's custom world, few house rules, standard 5e d&d.

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