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HIKE WITH US - Everyone can do our hikes; they are 10 km. long, on well designed trails with smooth treadways, and they go to interesting places, close to Toronto area. We make special accommodation so no one is left behind. We will plan a hike every two weeks through the winter and spring.

POST YOUR EVENT WITH OUR GROUP - Paddling, hiking, camping, skiing, or any social event. We have 500 members, and some of them will share your interests, and want to join you in your activities. If our hikes and canoe trips that are listed are too short, challenge our super stars to join your extreme adventures.

PADDLE WITH US - This group does canoe trips. Next spring we will plan a back country canoe trip every two weeks or on long weekends. The average paddler can do these trips; most will be two nights and three days, with an average paddle of 15 km. per day. We look for Crown Land and lakes that you want to go to. There will be short trips for beginners to practice, and advanced trips for explorers. Join our winter activities to meet people who have canoes and cars, and who are looking for other groups to go tripping with.

ANNUAL REPORT - The third week of October is a good time for a year end because the lakes start to cool and paddling becomes dangerous. We do our last canoe trip at Thanksgiving.

From Oct. 31, 2020, to Oct. 29, 2021, we did:

Canoe trips: 7, attendees 52, consisting of, 35 individuals.

Hikes: 11 attendees 114 consisting of, 42 individuals

More important, everyone at these events reported that they had a good time, and we brought them all back alive.

This group is to connect people so they can enjoy canoe trips together. The purpose of the group is to find like minded people who want to go on canoe trips, but might not have a group to go with. Enjoy the natural beauty that Ontario has to offer and meet some new friends in the process!

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This is the same schedule that I posted earlier, but the format that looked great in Word, made no sense on the Meetup format. Hopefully, this is easier to read.

Eight great trips are listed in the following tentative schedule to help you plan your summer.

Each trip will be posted in detail soon, so you can join the trips that suit you.
We may change some of the trips, or the dates, to suit people who want to go. Message me with your suggestions and requests.

Contact me if you want to add more trips, and we can use this Meetup Group to get some great paddlers to join you.

MAY 2022 Lake waters are too cold for safe paddling in early May.

Victoria Day, Mon. May 23
Bright Lake - Sat. May 21 to Mon. May 23
An easy trip for first timers. The lakes are small, one portage. The trip is flexible, we can make changes to suit the uncertain weather and the needs of the paddlers.

June 2022 - black fly and mosquito season, great camping for those
who like to share blood.

July 2022

Canada Day - Fri. July 1
Bright Lake - Fri. July 1 to Sun. July 3 - an easy trip for first timers. The
lakes are small, one portage. The trip is flexible, we can make changes to suit the needs of the paddlers. Quiet! We have never seen another group camp on Bright Lake while we were there. Alternatively, you could camp at Grundy Lake Provincial Park with 3000 other screaming campers.

McCrae Lake - Mon. Jul. 11 to Wed. Jul. 13
This is an easy trip to a large, popular lake close to Toronto. It is busy on the weekends, but we should be able to find parking, and a campsite if we arrive on Monday. One portage, 5 km. paddle.

Civic Holiday - Fri. Aug 1, 2022
Lone Tree Lake - Sat. Jul. 30 to Mon. Aug. 1
One of our favourite trips, we have always been able to get our favourite campsite, which has a good beach. Quiet area; one km. from the next nearest campsite. Excellent fishing. 10 km. paddle each way, and 3 easy portages.

French River - Sat. Aug. 20 to Mon. Aug. 22
French River loop below Hartley Bay to Georgian Bay is reputed to be the most scenic trip. I have never been there, and we will need someone experienced to guide us. Paddle distance about 50 km. over 3 days, 1 portage. Different campsites Sat. and Sun. nights. Charges for parking and camping. The mid-month weekend should not be too busy, but we can change the dates to suit the paddlers.

Sept. 2022 - the best month for camping

Labour Day - Mon. Sep. 5
Noganosh Lake Sat. Sep. 3 to Mon. Sep. 5
This is a three day trip, 15 km. paddle each way, 3 easy portages, six hours travel each way. This is a remote area with many campsites, and we always get a good one. The lakes are always quiet on one of the years busiest weekends.

Killarney Provincial Park Fri. Sep. 16 to Mon. Sep. 19
Killarney is a scenic and popular park, but we should be able to book campsites there, in mid Sept. The Lakes that we camp on will be posted when we get reservations. It is a long drive from Toronto, so this will be a four day trip. We will plan for a hike up Silver Peak. Charges for parking and campsites.

Oct. 2022 Lake waters get cold in Oct. and weather is uncertain.

Thanksgiving - Mon. Oct. 10
Woodland Lake - Sat. Oct. 8 to Mon. Oct. 10 This is a quiet, remote area. 10 km. paddle each way, 3 portages. We may have to cut our own campsite in the bush if we cannot find one. Trip may be subject to weather forecasts.


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