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ALL have FUN is a community of people who love to get together and have lots of fun. So here you can come for all kinds of events, make new friends and have fun together. ^^

Arts & Entertainment: Movie, Music concert, Painting......

Fun Game: Bowling, Snooker, Archery Tag, Room Escape, Soccer......

Indoor Party: Board-game, Movie, Gathering party......

Outdoor Adventure: Hiking , BBQ, Tour, Cycling, Badminton......

Self-Empowerment Workshop: Museum Visit, Cooking Class, Arts Workshop, Craft-A-Day, Language Exchange......

Restaurant Hunt: Taste different restaurants and share career life , travel experience, your grateful life, anything you like ......


~~~I have fun, You have fun, He has fun, She has fun, We have fun... “ALL have FUN”!!!~~~

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~Bring your friends, and leave with even more friends!~



請注意,組員/參與者均閱讀及明白和同意下列要點才參加本組活動。 [Participants have read and understand and agree the following points before joining in anyone of our activities in both groups.]

1* Please recognise who is the host, and do contact to the suitable one if necessary. [如果對參加的活動有所查詢,請認清那一位是負責人才message(私信)。]

2* Clicking “join” activities is counted as join. Even messaging us about your wish to join is not valid. We will follow the first-come-first-serve system in the list to let people participate except special arrangement with remark. People in waiting list will be filled up to the participating list and can join finally when someone turn RSVP No in Going list. [我哋的活動不設私信留位,務必以報名參加名單(Going)作準及在候補名單(Waiting)逐一補上,除特別註明外。如在活動一刻也是 waiting,就代表不能參加,座位數量有限,我哋期望下次見到你。]

3* Contact number &/or deposit is required for some activities, please follow instructions and do it asap. Under no circumstance, deposit is not refundable or transferred. [因應活動性質,有些活動可能要先留聯絡方法及/或入帳,請跟隨指示進行。過帳後如不參加,帳項不可退回或轉讓。]

4* Base on understanding more people, we will not come up with any intermediate service. We prefer you getting involved in more activities and being active in meeting new friends. [我哋抱著“再多認識共同圈“的理念成立上述本組,我哋不提供任何配對/中介服務,希望大家能積極參加活動, 主動結識多些朋友,自由配對/結友。]

5* RSVP should be amended to the correct status in Yes or No if change. When you cannot attend the activity at last, please change RSVP from Yes to Not Going, leave the seat to the waiting one. Otherwise, we will remark you as No Show if without notification in half a day before the activity. When there are 3 No Show, we have the right to ban you out from our groups. [大家必須適時更改RSVP。出席是Yes,不出席改No。若入選參加者/中籤者報名後不能參加,請將RSVP由Yes(參與)改為Not Going(不參與),騰出位置;否則不出席者當作No Show(缺席)。凡超過3次No Show者,本組有權將該組員移離本群組。]

6* Details of the activity is suggested to be read before the event, esp (assemble) date and time. Please do not be late as to consider the other members. Meanwhile, if you arrive early, please be calm to wait till the assemble time and do not need to call the host immediately. [大家參加活動前,請先花些少時間看清楚內容,尤其是活動日期及時間,盡量避免遲到。若有集合時間,早到者不見負責人時,不用急,我哋會在集合時間內抵 達。]

7* To keep everyone's privacy , we will not disclose any information of others such as age, gender, telephone number, … But you are not restricted to ask these by yourself during event. [為保障各會員的私隱,凡想查詢其他參加者年齡、性別、人數、電話、住址……等,我哋一律不回答,請大家在活動中/完結後向對方查詢。]

8* Photos will be taken during activity for record and promotion for our groups. [我哋會在活動期間影相,以作記錄和本會宣傳用途。]

9* All activities are joined voluntarily and without insurance provided. Please consider your fitness and safety in the activity which we have no responsibility. [活動參與均自願同玩,沒有任何保險承包,請自行負責安全。]

10* There is no setting on the ratio of number or male and female in MeetUp here. Participation in various activities is recommended. [MeetUp沒有設定男女比例的功能,因此有些活動可能男多女少或女多男少,所以建議大家多參加不同類型的活動。]

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